Jamf Pro and Apple Silicon support

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Now that Apple Silicon Macs are here:

10.25 offered support for Composer and Self Service as per the release notes: https://docs.jamf.com/10.25.0/jamf-pro/release-notes/What's_New.html

If you're in the 10.26 beta, you can easily join and read up on the release notes to see what's to come. I won't discuss that here.

I'm just wondering what Jamf is officially supporting as far as Apple Silicon goes:

  • Does the Jamf binary install and run fine with during DEP enrollment?
  • Does Rosetta need to be installed in advance for Jamf enrollment to work?
  • Or is the Jamf installer taking care of detecting whether it's Apple Silicon and installing the appropriate version of Jamf?

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In my testing on 10.25.1 I had to run the following command before enrolling for the Jamf binary to install successfully on Apple Silicon

sudo softwareupdate --install-rosetta

Whether or not this is the case with production hardware is yet to be determined

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Any updates here? Having to run that script before anything else is kind of a handicap to no-touch deployments (or even a little bit of touching...)

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@kwoodard 10.26 has been released and is supported natively on Apple Silicon.

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I've been installing software manually on a test Apple Silicon and building new packages via Composer from it. Installing Rosetta 2 worked for me initially but many users started complaining that their first use (i.e. Zoom) of the software force recommended them to download and install a "better version" for Silicon machines.