jamf pro and jamf connect license alert

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Hi All,


Is there a script that automatically email us when we reaching certain limit of Jamf Pro license (or jamf connect)?

Currently, i checked our Jamf Pro license Usage on a monthly basis - im just wondering if this can be automated.


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Jamf Pro will give a notification when you have exceeded your allocated seat license. You can have that as just a browser notification or as an email as well.

JC: you can set up a patch management software title for it and add that to your dashboard as well as notifications and emails

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  • Jamf Pro will notify you when your license is within 30 days of expiration in the Jamf Console. Your Jamf Sales rep should also email you when its nearly time for your renewal.
  • Jamf will not notify you of nearing your device count but will notify you when you exceed your device count. Jamf will not do anything if you exceed your device count by just a few devices, if you go too far over you will get an email from your sales rep to buy more licenses before Jamf takes any kind of action.
  • Jamf Connect will present a popup when the license expires, but I don't think it notifies you beyond that.


We have been over by north of 50 devices before, and nothing really happened beyond an email asking if we needed to buy more licenses. We were in a refresh and did not need more licenses as devices would be removed and Jamf just said okay and moved on.