Jamf Pro Live Known Issues List

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Hi Jamf Nation,

I’m a member of the technical communications team here at Jamf. Our team had some questions about how you use the Jamf Pro Live Known Issues list so we can improve your experience:

  • If you use the Jamf Pro Live Known Issues list, what are you looking for on that page? Do you look for a PI number to track progress on an issue? Or do you search by keywords and the known issue description to find an issue that you are encountering?
  • If you do not use the Jamf Pro Live Known Issues list, why not?

Thank you!


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Hi @diana.breza

This is unexpected, but welcomed that you're looking to improve the current Known Issues system.

For background for those not aware, here is the original feature request where customers asked for a way to report bugs and track them. The end result was the Known Issue list: https://www.jamf.com/jamf-nation/feature-requests/1699/implement-a-bug-reporting-and-tracking-system...

It was marked as implemented but it really did not deliver with everything that was requested.

To answer your immediate question:
I search by either keywords or PI number if I have one.

Here are the problems:

  • The list is currently of active issues. You have customers that are on-prem that may not be using the latest version of Jamf Pro. You cannot search closed issues.
  • The list is incomplete. Even if you're on the latest version of Jamf Pro, there are issues that simply are not shared there. This is actually why I ultimately created the #jamf-bugs channel in the MacAdmins Slack. Jamf is being too selective in what product issues they put in the Known Issues list. We want to know about ALL the known product issues so that we can easily search for issues that may be impacting us. Please don't filter it for us. That's not the point of the request.
  • Currently the issues do not state what potential versions of Jamf Pro may be effected.
  • It would be great to filter by closed issues and see what version of Jamf Pro a particular issue was fixed in.
  • There's no easy way to add yourself or follow a known issue so that you're alerted when it is eventually fixed. Right now I believe you have to submit a support case and then the support agent makes you go through troubleshooting and then they may or may not tie your org to the product issue. A few years ago, I used to get emails when product issues were fixed for issues that I put cases in but I haven't had such an email in a while. I know I've submitted product issues in that time so it's possible that those issues haven't been fixed or that system Jamf was using to email customers is no longer in use.
  • There's no easy way to see how many other customers have tied themselves to a particular known issue.

It would be nice if there were a web form to submit bugs so that we could provide all the information that Jamf Support would need to investigate the issue. Right now, I try to be highly detailed in my emails to support and include things like Jamf Pro version, OS version, MySQL version, Java version, etc. Even with the info provided, the agent assigned to my case may sometimes follow up by asking me for information that I already provided them in the first email! I can't fault them for this though. If they have a huge number of cases coming through and each case is formatted different, it all starts to all blur together.

A web form would make it easier for agents to see the information in a standard format. And it would allow the customer to provide all the information you need. Things the web form could include:

  • Jamf Pro version
  • Server OS version
  • MySQL version
  • Java version
  • Has a Jamf Pro summary been recently submitted?
  • Device OS version
  • What part of Jamf Pro is impacted? (e.g. jamf binary, jamf pro server, configuration profiles, self service, vpp, jamf pro app etc.)
  • What's the current behavior?
  • What's the expected behavior?

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The Known Issues list as it currently stands is very lacking and I totally agree with the points that @bpavlov made.

I definitely would like to see the changes listed above, but at a bare minimum the Known Issues list needs a discovery date and Jamf Pro version that the issue was found in AND a date fixed and Jamf Pro version that it was fixed in. And it should include a range of Jamf Pro versions affected in case it is later discovered that versions older than the discovery version are affected, or if it is fixed and later gets reintroduced in a newer version (which I have seen happen several times with issues related to special characters in passwords).

And it should definitely be a database of all PI's not just ones Jamf thinks are currently a problem. Many customers stay on older versions of Jamf Pro for whatever reason and may still have need to discover those Known Issues that Jamf removes from the list. And we may still need to go back and reference old PI's in case we see an old previously fixed bug get reintroduced.

Since it is not inclusive of all PI's we have been copying Bug Fixes from every release to a single searchable document (which I sometimes forget that we do) to make it easier to find them. Otherwise, we would have to open the release notes for Jamf Pro one version at a time and search through each one to find a PI that we are looking for.

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Late response, but I'm looking for PI109666, which doesn't show up on the Known Issues list.

So I have nothing to give our Security Team as a response to their ask for details.