JNUC2020 pilgrimage to San Diego is on baby!!!

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JNUC2020 will be in San Diego in September....the pilgrimage is on again baby!!!


If any motorcycle riders along the route plan to go, you're welcome to latch on. Planned roue is over 5 days (if alone) or 6 days (if anyone joins):


Jamf is not involved with this ride at all...this is an unofficial, unorganized ride, so basically you'll be responsible for yourself.

Of course you'll need a motorcycle with a large engine capable of sustained long distance at highway speeds, and experience doing these kinds of long ass rides. Its not for beginners. ;)

For example I ride a Harley-Davidson Road Glide with a 1,746cc (107in) engine that can comfortably do 500+ miles per day at 80mph or higher (woops, I didn't just say that!).


CarPlay and the usual music like Thousand Foot Krutch, Hootie And The Blowfish, etc., is highly recommended (see rules #38 and 39). If you've got a Sena or Cardo bluetooth communications, that's always helpful when riding with others.

Will be blogging the trip, so expect pictures, video (GoPro!), and Relive routes posted, similar to a recent road trip.

Please post if you're interested, else see you at JNUC2020!

@kitzy you don't have far to go to get there. :)

Not really expecting anyone to join but thought I’d put it out there.