Link to NWEA pushed to iPads doesn't work.

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Tried pushing a link through JSS to to the student iPads and cannot make it work. It opens Safari to about:blank and sits there. If the student types the url into Safari it brings up a notice about allowing popups and then it works, even though popups are enabled in Safari. Have pushed out other links and never had a problem. Anyone have this issue and a fix?


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Make sure popups are allowed in Safari and it should* work as intended.

*What is the link you are using? We use The students enable popups in Safari and then click the Web Clip and the test opens as designed.

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Here's ours:

Full text of link is

Again, safari can't be in private browsing, javascript has to be enabled in safari prefs, cookies too, and popups enabled as well (we we set default to allowed in the restrictions payload).

Also we had to write a .pac file with our filter (smoothwall) to accommodate NWEA's URLs since we use it as a global proxy.