MUT v6.2.0 release - Bearer Tokens and more!

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New Contributor III

Hello world. Mike here.

I wanted to let you know that MUT v6.2.0 was released today!

The biggest change you're probably excited for is that MUT now uses bearer tokens for all authentication of all API calls, which means it is fully ready for the deprecation of Basic Auth for the Classic API. 

There's also a new settings menu. You can access it from MUT > Settings. All existing settings (Allow untrusted SSL, delimiter selection, etc.) have moved to this new menu, and you'll notice a few new options as well.

Screenshot 2024-04-18 at 10.47.49 PM.png

Screenshot 2024-04-18 at 10.49.05 PM.png

Of note, there is now an option to select a log level, so you can cut down on the chatter and only get errors if you're looking to troubleshoot an issue. 

Additionally, credentials are now stored in Keychain by default, as opposed to user defaults that they were stored in before. If you'd rather use the legacy method, it's available in the new settings menu--but know that (as always) password storage is not available in user defaults. If you choose to store credentials in the keychain, your password will be saved, and you will be able to select another new option as well: login automatically. 

Screenshot 2024-04-18 at 10.52.11 PM.png

If you so choose to store credentials in keychain, a new option will be open to you to log in automatically. Selecting this box will make it so that MUT will authenticate you with stored credentials and then take you directly to the main screen upon opening. This option is disabled by default. It is selectable from the location that "Allow Untrusted SSL" was previously in (as that has moved to the settings menu).

As always, if you have questions, feel free to reach out--and feel free to post issues to the GitHub issues page if you encounter them.


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Great tool. Wish Jamf would update the SCCM Plug-in to use bearer tokens too.

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Do you know if there are any plans for adding support for the API Roles and Clients feature?

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Nice Update

Sagar Rastogi

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Thank you Mike - awesome update! I needed the bearer token support, but really am appreciating credentials stored in the Keychain - fast!

thank you again,



This seems like an awesome tool, I just tried using this morning. I filled out the spreadsheet and it says it completed but it did not actually change the computername on the devices. Not sure what I am missing.