Pending - Application is not available to install

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Is anyone else suddenly seeing this today? 10/22/18
I have not made changes, iPads are not yet at iOS 12, Jamf version 10.6.1
I am seeing this issues pretty consistently on all app installs, across multiple tokens.
Plenty of licenses, device based installs
At setup, most apps go into Self Service but about 6 are set to download, and ALL of these are stuck.
I have uploaded new tokens on the two VPP accounts I am presently working on.
I have excluded and re-added devices to scope, and i have wiped and reactivated the device that is getting set up for a new enrollee, tried a different device also.
All other commands go through, only app installs are stuck.
I have turned off global auto updates for iOS apps, and less than ten individual apps have auto-updates enabled.


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I am seeing something similar where my VPP apps for Mac OS are not installing. They are reporting that there is a problem installing Microsoft Remote Desktop. We have plenty of licenses to cover the installs.

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I saw this quite a bit about two weeks ago. The only thing that worked was to refresh the VPP content for each App that was affected. It was a giant pain-in-the-ass, but it worked. After the refresh, the Apps began installing automatically again on the iPads.

Settings Gear --> VPP Account --> Click on your Account --> Click on the Content tab --> Click on iOS App tab (if you have both Mac and iOS Apps in your catalog --> Click on the Refresh button for the affected App. Wait a few min, and then check your iPads. On a few iPads, I had to clear any failed commands and send a blank push to get them to respond in a timely manner.

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I am seeing this currently at this moment and of late. Many of our ipads are on ios 12 but not all. JAMF version 10.7.1. Does Jamf host your services?

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We are hosted onsite.
I have tried Damien's fix and so far no help.
I do have some tokens that ARE installing apps, but I tried installing to the newly wiped and activated device from another non-site based token and that did not help either, both apps stuck with that error

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I waited until end of day and restated tomcat on all three webApps, seems to have gotten things past the little constipation issues.
yippee! On to JNUC!

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Created a ticket with Jamf tech. Said that the text "VPP Monitor" should have been in the logs while debugging was turned on, and it wasn't in our case so they are working on it.

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In the new remote world we are in, we had a few apps doing this for folks at home (we are cloud-based) and Damien's suggestion seemed to resolve the issue fairly quickly - so bumping this in case it's helpful for others.

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The solution posted by @damienbarrett worked for me. In JAMF Cloud, "Volume Purchasing" = "VPP Account".

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But in my case is the Self service on some iPads, not in all