We are here for you, Jamf Nation

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Jamf Nation,
Like all of you, we are closely monitoring the COVID-19 outbreak. With school closures, organizations asking employees to work from home, and the heightened need for business continuity, we know this is a difficult time.
We are here for you. Our mission to help our customers succeed with Apple is uninterrupted. Thanks to our talented forward-looking IT team, we were able to fully transition our 1,200-person global staff to work remotely within 24 hours of making the decision to do so. Our team is safe and available to you. In addition, we have contingencies built into our operations to ensure that customers receive Jamf’s products and support despite the uncertain future. This includes highly available cloud infrastructure across geographically distributed data centers and online services staff across the globe.
In addition to offering uninterrupted products and support, we know that many of you need help responding to the urgent requirements that stem from the COVID-19 outbreak. For all of you, Jamf is taking the following actions.

For all Jamf Customers:

Leverage Personal Devices for Business Continuity
To immediately empower and better serve your employees, teachers or students who use personal devices remotely, all Jamf customers may use any of their Jamf products to secure, serve and support additional unlimited number of personally owned Apple devices for no additional cost through September 2020. Non-customers can purchase the minimum number of licenses to take advantage of this offer.
Full Array of Remote Services and Eliminating Onboarding Cost
Worldwide, Jamf will waive all requirements for onboarding services for all implementations. We also have remote resources available to help any organization expedite their work-at-home, school-at-home or care-at-home programs. As always, the Jamf services team is available to consult with you on whatever needs you have in order to help your team move quickly and be successful.
Online Resources You Need for Remote Success
Do you need to drop-ship ready-to-use Apple devices to new employees or learn how to set up devices with Apple School Manager or Apple Business Manager? How about creating and deploying VPN settings so that employees can work from home, or deploying the latest version of WebEx so that meetings remain productive while employees are remote? Take advantage of our library of training and tutorials to get started today – at no cost to you. In addition to our existing training, Jamf will provide as many free remote training courses as possible to help you implement at-home programs.

For K12 Schools:

Empower Parents with Students Learning from Home
With global school closures, parents must take an active role in their children’s schoolwork. Jamf encourages schools to enable the free Jamf Parent app, available with Jamf Pro and Jamf School, to help parents keep education sessions focused, eliminate student distraction and ensure their safety while at home.
Get Started Quickly with Apple and Jamf School
Knowing that schools that have not yet implemented Jamf have little time to prepare and must move quickly, Jamf and Apple are here to help. When accompanying an Apple technology purchase through Apple Education sales, Jamf is offering free use of Jamf School for a period of four months for an unlimited number of Apple devices. With Jamf School, educators can rapidly take advantage of the full power of its Teacher, Student and Parent apps even though teacher and student are not sitting in the same classroom.

For Healthcare Providers:

Keep Caregivers, Patients and Loved Ones Safe and Connected
The need for social distancing is most acute for our seniors and healthcare providers. Therefore, any Jamf customer setting up Apple devices for the purpose of telemedicine or communication between patients and their loved ones may use their Jamf products for those devices at no cost through September 2020. This also applies to any organization focused on senior care who would like to implement online visits. Non-customers can purchase the minimum number of licenses to take advantage of this offer.

If you have additional needs other than what you see here – please contact us. We know extraordinary times require extraordinary measures. We are committed to doing everything we can to ensure that your business, school or healthcare organization can continue to operate as smoothly as possible.

Our team is standing by to assist you. Please reach out to your Jamf representative.
Please be well.
Dean Hager
CEO, Jamf



Hi Dean,
As a long term user (7 years) of Jamf Pro I bring below to your attention.
Due to the current state of global economies with the COVID-19 situation.
I feel companies like Jamf should be putting a freeze on renewals. As a Public school in Australia, we have seen a significant rise in the cost of our next renewal purely based on the exchange rate between the Australian Dollar to the US. This is totally due to the current situation caused by COVID-19.
I feel that is unfair that we should have to pay more just because of a bad exchange rate that would not normally be there.
This would impact all customers in Australia with an impending renewal.
Other global companies have offered relief to affected customers. Like Adobe for example who have offered their products free to staff and students for the next 3 months minimum so they can continue to learn/use at home.


Thanks for being here and keeping the lights on. Especilly for all your cloud customers.

With our workforce now 100% remote. There is a much greater needed for offsite remote access.
While there are other tools we can use. (Zoom, Google Remote Desktop, Team Viewer, WebEx, Extra)
Not having offsite remote acces built into JAMF, makes it easier for your comptitors.
Right now as more companies are finding the need for remote management, this might be influcing their purchasing descriptions.

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How about Android for Jamf Parent. That would show that you're actually concerned for all of the parents whose schools are are using your product.

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@deanhager We are really thankful Jamf have allowed us to extend support to personal devices during this time. With September just around the corner I was wondering if you had considered extending this date. Thanks again, David.


With everyone off site, it would be great if JAMF considered features that would benifit this new paradigm.

  • Remote into offsite devices
  • Terminal into offsite devices
  • Per Device Firmware Passwords that can be retrive by a JAMF admin
  • Per Device Administrator Passwords that can be retrive by a JAMF admin