Wifi dis- and reconnect toggle after device enrollment

New Contributor

Hello everyone

One of our users is having strange wifi problems with his Mac M1 Max after device enrollment:

In phases the wifi connection randomly disconnects and reconnects several times in second intervals. The problem doesn't just appear with one specific network, but it appears with other networks too.

We have tried some of the standard processes, such as resetting PRAM, deleting wifi setting files etc. and finally reinstalled the Mac. After reinstalling and new enrollment, the problems were back. We suspected a hardware defect, but the repair center could not detect any hardware defect.

The user then used his Mac for 9 days without enrollment. During this time, the problem did not appear. Now the device has been enrolled again and the problems have reappeared immediately after the installation. There seems to be a conflict in connection with our enrollment.

We manage around 200 Macs with an M1 X chip and none of the others have these problems.

The user has given us the affected device and my plan is to next do our enrollment without the configuration profile with our internal wifi certificate, MS Defender and VPN Client to test if the conflict exists there.

Is anyone aware of this problem or does anyone have any idea how to solve such issue?