Freezing, Slows Down of Macs Halting and Dropping from Network Activity

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Macs Halting and Dropping from Network Activity.

I am experiencing sporadic halting and dropping from network activity on different Macs models (iMacs, Mac Studios, and MacBook Pros) I think mostly M1 and M2 running macOS Monterey 12.6.1. I think it has become transparent since the latest upgrade to macOS. Randomly the computer will just lock up and you can not launch any Apps including local ones like Microsoft Office, and then after 5-15 minutes it just unfreezes like nothing happened. There is no way to break out of it, reboot doesn't help the situation. Has anyone else experienced this mysterious freezing? Are there any resolutions? 


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We were on our monthly call with our Apple Engineer yesterday and he brought this up as a known issue. He mentioned it is being addressed in a coming update. I wish I had more info other that that, but our Macs don't seem to be impacted by the bug, so I didn't ask more questions when he brought it up,

Thanks I appreciate the response. 

Is there anything more you can share to this? I've been getting sporadic reports of the similar but I've not had anything I can replicate.

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we've been running into this as well.  For us it was our AV solution and VPN solution were/are causing sandbox errors.


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Interesting. I started to see this on my Mac after I installed 12.6.1 (Intel). I tried upgrading to Ventura but had the same issue. So, wiped the Mac clean to 12.6.1 and still same issue. After trying an SMC/PRAM zap, and getting rid of some software, so far no beach ball and hard reboots. I thought it was a hardware issue so was going to give it another week to freeze on me.