Jamf School Certification has LAUNCHED!

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New Contributor III

Greetings, friend!

Jamf just announced the Jamf 240 course, a Jamf School-specific certification akin to the Jamf 200 course for Jamf Pro. More info in the release here issued on Monday: https://www.jamf.com/blog/jamf-240-course-introduction/ 

It is a remote, instructor-led course and does not require any previous certification to enroll. If you're new to Apple or MDM, I'd personally recommend walking through the Jamf 100 as a warm-up prior to taking the 240. 

Courses begin next month in the UK timezone and November in US timezones.  

Once certified, you will have earned the Jamf Certified Tech - Jamf School designation!

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Very excited about this course!  Can’t wait to ask if the District will pay some or all of the cost. 


Just want to recommend this course. For every Jamf School administrator, or anyone working in school IT either considering or using Jamf School, this is it. The pace is good, test tenant to do what you might not dare in a live environment, and review tenant for the exam makes a lot of sense. It showed me what I could improve in our existing setup and improve in future instances. 

And of course, I passed the exam. Straight post to LinkedIn(not looking for offers) :)