Our Spotlight on Jamf Educator - Anders Enström

New Contributor III
New Contributor III



What is your role in education?

I am a ICT head teacher and I teach math and science (STEM).


Where is your institution located?

My school is located 20km south of Stockholm and we have grade 0 (six years old) to grade 9 (15 years old). The school has around 550 students and around 30 teachers.


How did you hear about Jamf Educator?

I think it was my good friend Jesper Levallius that told me about Jamf Educator. And then Mat Pullen shared an LinkedIn post about Jamf Teacher. 


What impact will this have on your role?  What will you do next?

Next up for me is that I will incorporate Jamf in many of my workshops/lectures. I will show the keys that make my every day so much easier. 


Help other community members get to know you.  Tell us a fun fact or something interesting about yourself (it could be your favourite holiday, music, or food.

I just love the sport Swimrum. Together with my best friend I participate in different races in Sweden. You run for some kilometres before you swim and then you run and so on…

You can find Anders on LinkedIn or connect with him here in the community

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