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New Contributor III
New Contributor III
When deploying Apple devices across a school, admins wisely use Jamf solutions to manage Macbook, iPad, iPhone, and even TV devices. And as of this year, they can also protect Chromebook and Windows devices! But who are the ultimate ‘customers’ of their deployment? The school leadership? The teachers? The students? 
For learning to be transformative, my JNUC co-presenters and I propose that deployment must go beyond the classroom door, into the hands of students. Successful implementation of technology doesn’t end when devices are delivered — it is a shared journey of discovery in every classroom. In our JNUC 2023 Session, The Education Endgame — Deployment Doesn’t Stop at the Classroom Door, we will demonstrate the powerful impact of using of Apple Classroom + Jamf Teacher in today’s classrooms. 
Join leaders from Minnetonka Public Schools and Jamf to learn how to reach the ‘last mile’ of deployment - classroom integration of Jamf + Apple solutions. Using Apple’s Classroom and Jamf Teacher and other teacher tools, educators can focus student learning and empower learning in new and innovative ways. 
The session will stress the importance of forming a deployment leadership team consisting of members from IT and instruction. This group can work to determine the core ‘why’ of the project, develop a shared vocabulary, resulting in a shared vision.
Key Takeaways for attendees:
  • Learn how to effectively deploy teacher tools and get Apple devices into the hands of students and faculty while saving IT time in support and troubleshooting. 
  • Learn how Apple Classroom can support classroom management and flow during instructional time.
  • Learn how Jamf Teacher empowers educators to focus student learning to set up learning.
  • Leverage Professional Learning resources made available by Jamf and Apple to elevate the use of devices in the classroom. 
“Successful deployments need a team of educators and IT professionals  to come together and carefully craft the device experience to ensure student success.” - Key session source:  Assemble an integrated team
As you think about your work supporting learning on Apple devices - who do you think of as your ‘customer’? Is it the site principal, the teacher, parents or the student? Respond here - I’d love to hear your thoughts!
Mike Lawrence
Education Leadership Executive, Jamf
Apple Distinguished Educator
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In our environment they are all customers. Administrators, students, teachers, classroom assistants, custodians, and parents all contact us at one time or another for so form of support.

Kimberly Trojanowski

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We are very much the same here, I support all types of customers. Administrators, Students, Classroom Teachers, Support Staff. We support as much as we can and when we can. 

Sean McShane