What is Trusted Access?

New Contributor
New Contributor

You may have heard about it in the JNUC Keynote.
Now, see firsthand the impact of combining device management with identity-based access, endpoint security, and threat prevention! 🔐 💻 👨‍🔧

In this webinar, we’ll cover the concepts behind Trusted Access 🤝 and how to best serve your students and faculty so you can start on the path to Trusted Access in your organization. 🏫

You’ll learn about each component and how they fit together 🗝 to serve your organization’s security better, all while keeping your staff 👩‍🏫 , students 🚸 , and teachers productive 👨‍💼 👩‍💼 .

Listen to Brian Messinger, Director of Classroom Instructional Technology & Student Achievement at Sewanhaka Central High School District, as he takes you through their journey to Trusted Access.

No matter which Jamf products you currently have, after this session, you’ll understand the benefits of combining Jamf management, identity, and security to create your own Trusted Access for your organization.