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Chicagoland & Great Lakes Mac Admins

Open forum discussions to talk about Apple management, new features, and ask questions to other Appl...

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Greater Pittsburgh Mac Admins

Want to meet some like-minded Apple enthusiasts! Well, we’re excited to meet you! Join our next meet...

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San Diego Mac Admins

Come join our MacAdmin support group! We chat about all of the Apple platforms, so if you’re support...

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New York Mac Admins

No need to problem solve by yourself! Join our next user group to ask, and get answers to, Apple-man...

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Central Ohio Mac Admins

Established in 2021. We’re a group of passionate macOS and iOS administrators, serving the Central O...

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Austin Apple Admins

Our goal is simple: to create a social network of Apple admins in and around Austin and Central Texa...

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Los Angeles Mac Admins

The Los Angeles Mac Admin group is a collection of Apple administrators from the greater Los Angeles...

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Atlanta Apple Admins

Our goal is to bring together the Apple admins of the Atlanta area to create a network of support an...

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East Midlands Apple Admins (UK)

Bring together technology professionals in the region who support all things Apple in academia or th...

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The JMUG is the Jamf Nation User Group focused on the MSP Partners of Jamf. We present new informati...

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Virtual Mac Admins Meetup

A monthly meetup hosted by Rocketman to discuss recent news, updates and happenings in the Jamf and ...

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India Mac Admins

In this User Group, We will focus on Jamf Product and Updates, Mac Admin Collaboration, What's New!,...

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South African Mac Admins

Limited edition Apple Administrators managing fleets of macs and iOS devices in South Africa.

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Apple 設備管理員 - 中文社群


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Activity in User Groups

2022 臺北市教育博覽會 Jamf iPad 教育館 - 講座搶先預約

臺北市教育博覽會時間:8.17(三)- 8.20(六)地點:臺北南港展覽館二館地址:臺北市南港區經貿二路 2 號 展位:iPad 教育館 歡迎蒞臨 iPad 教育館,一起關心孩子的數位教育。iPad 已經問世 12 年,它不只走進各種工作和生活的場域,更是數位學習的要角。隨著教育部「中小學數位學習精進方案」的推展,iPad 就如同學生的鉛筆盒一樣,是課堂不可或缺的學習利器。Jamf 致力於協助學校和企業成功使用蘋果裝置,我們相信,當學習載具受到完善的管理時,家長與老師都能放心的讓學生自主學習。我...  View more

截圖 2022-08-13 下午9.21.51.png
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Jamf 中文資源

以下連結將帶您快速前往 Jamf 官方提供的中文資源:Jamf Pro 入門指南:由此進入Jamf Pro 設備管理員手冊:由此進入 > Read Online > 繁體中文Jamf Teacher 整合 Jamf Pro:由此進入Jamf Teacher 教師使用指南:由此進入Jamf Parent 家長使用指南:由此進入 Youtube 影片: 適用於初學者的 Apple 設備管理  View more

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[EDU] 聯絡 Jamf 官方支援

若學校是透過 Apple 授權教育經銷商進行購買,有關 Jamf 的技術支援都會由經銷商第一時間到校協助您。Straight A 晶盛科技LEO 國眾電腦 您也可以透過以下幾個管道聯繫 Jamf 團隊尋求技術支援:Email: support@jamf.com前往 Apple 管理員中文社群 提問與討論請注意,為求加快問題釐清與除錯,提出技術支援的內容請包含以下資訊。如果您不清楚如何取得,請洽詢您的經銷商協助:請附上學校 Jamf Pro 網址 (例:https://TWMOE[city-cod...  View more

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[EDU] 全國教師在職進修資訊網 - Jamf 訓練課程

各位老師好:2022年七月份全國教師在職進修資訊網 - Jamf 訓練課程規劃如下。報名方式請由 此頁面 進行報名。關於研習時數的部分,我們也會在會後提供參與名單,協助您進行研習時數補登。 A. 課程目標:IT, 資訊, 設備管理人員日期時間課程主題2022/7/1910:00 – 12:00從 Apple School Manager 走進 MDM 管理2022/7/2110:00 – 12:00Jamf Pro MDM 基礎管理入門2022/7/2614:00 – 16:00從 Apple ...  View more

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常見 FAQ - 教育部「數位學習精進方案」- IT 管理員

FAQ 會不定期更新,如果有任何問題,歡迎隨時來信 1.我收到 Jamf 的歡迎信,但嘗試登入卻發現系統顯示失敗? 訂單成立的同時,Jamf 系統會自動發送歡迎信給預設聯絡人,引導你創建您的 Jamf ID。如果創建帳戶的過程出現錯誤,請確認此 email 是否已申請過 Jamf ID。創建 Jamf ID:重置 Jamf ID 密碼:  View more

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JMUG Meet-up - October 13th - 12PM PST/2PM CST/3PM CST

Hello MSP's, we'll be having our meeting October 13th - 12PM PST/2PM CST/3PM CST. Here are some of the items we'll be presenting.JNUC PreviewAcronis PresentationJamf Patch Highlight awesome stuff you're all doingAnything else that comes up. Looking f...  View more

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Austin Apple Admins on the new Jamf Nation!

Hey everyone! We are so excited to have a dedicated space on the new, beautiful Jamf Nation Site.Here's some info about the group and how to keep up with what's happening:We post all meetup info and recaps at You can al...  View more

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