Macos notarization and code signing on network without internet access

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the topic has already been discussed in different forums in different versions, but i never came across exactly my problem with the Apple notarization and code signing.

About the problem:
The Macs in my company become incredibly slow (almost unusable) when a network is connected without internet access.

This happens for example at public WLAN hotspots, where the user has to authenticate himself first. But also in our company network. Users can connect to the Ethernet or WLAN, but cannot access the Internet until they have authenticated themselves at the firewall. But once the Mac is connected to a network, it wants to check the apps and can't connect. The computers then become incredibly slow and it can take up to 5 minutes to launch an application. The same problem also occurs on a private Mac that is connected to a network with multiple audio interfaces via LAN to control them. On the Mac it often takes up to 5 minutes to open the Save dialog in my DAW.

Did any of you have the same problem and how did you solve it?