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Unassign an app license in Jamf

We have limited number of licenses for MainStage, just enough for the number of teachers. We're now replacing their ageing Macbooks with newer ones but they can't install the app using self-service because there are no free licenses. How have others ...  View more

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New device interface too wide and max columns

With the old interface, you were guaranteed that every column would fit the viewport width to 100%.With the new one, if you add more columns, it forces you to scroll left and right to see everything.Not only that, but there is a maximum number of col...  View more

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New device interface and inactive devices

Unlike the old interface, the new one doesn't tell you how many inactive devices you have over a configured time period.The old one would alert me (based on the default 14 day setting) if any devices hadn't checked in for 14 or more days, the new one...  View more

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JNUC 2024 - Early Bird Rate expires June 30th

Hello Jamf Nation, Don't miss your chance to secure your 2024 JNUC Tickets at the "Early Bird" rate of $1299 ($1099 for education organizations). On Monday July 1st the "Just in Time" rate of of $1399 goes into effect ($1199 for education). For those...  View more

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Mac Apps not installing

Hello, So I'm circling back to this as last summer I have been having the same issue I am experiencing now. Which is Mac Apps both App Store and Jamf Catalog do not work at all. I have created a test with Loading the 2024 Creative Cloud suite put my ...  View more

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File Vault Recovery Key

Hi Quick question in regards to why I cant see any FV personal recovery keys in Jamfpro when FV encryption is fully enabled. Seems rather a critical piece of info to not have available no? Any advice or help greatly appreciated  View more

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Capturing printers

How is everyone capturing new print qeue now jamf has removed Jamf admin which had a nice feature to do it. This Jamf alternative it didnt seem to pickup the new print qeue I created.ThanksTom  View more

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Who's at ISTE?

If you are in Denver, please take a moment and stop by our booth #1930 we'd love to celebrate you! We have great sessions lined up, a large team to answer all of your questions and amazing swag! And for those of you who have obtained your Jamf Educat...  View more

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MacBook Pro docking stations 2023 M3 Pro suggestions

Does anyone have input on Docking station, i have been using the J5 Dock's but they see to be hit or miss with the M3 chips i have use LandingZone in the past and they seem to be good but would like to not have to order based on the model type lookin...  View more

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sfltool popup when installing Maya 2024 via script

I am installing Maya 2024 and I am running into this popup. I am able to get the license to verify via the network server when putting in my credentials. I haven't tried on a non-admin machine.I created a configuration profile with Managed Login Item...  View more

Screenshot 2024-06-24 at 5.13.42 AM.png
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