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Resolved! Auto-generated custom machine name at Enrollment?

Hey folks,Our machine naming convention is 11 characters long. The first 4 characters are:m = macd/p = desktop/portable21 = deployment year...then the last 7 characters of that machine's serial number.We can't change this naming convention operationa...  View more

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JAMF Connect + Notify sleep setting

Hello all,I have gotten Notify and connect to work with my deployments. However user's screen are turning off when Notify is running. 1. Is the computer sleeping or is the screen just turning off?2. If it is sleeping I want to make config profile to ...  View more

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Deploy Hot Corners

Is there as easy way to deploy single hot corner config , i need disable screensaver when cursor is moved to bottom right corner.Regards  View more

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Reporting for HD Space for updates.

Good morning- we are utilizing a script (jamf_ea_LatestOSSupported) from to report back to make sure the MacBook has the required hardware/disk space/etc and what the highest OS is able to be installed. The problem we are running into is the disk spa...  View more

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Resolved! iOS Bookmark on home screen

This might be a simple thing but for the life of me im at a loss. We have some seriously locked down iPads for inmates and know how to restrict safari to a specific website and all that but how do i push/create a bookmark icon onto the home screen so...  View more

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MUT v6.0.0 is now available!

It's finally here!Hello everyone! I'm so excited to announce the release of MUT v6.0.0! MUT v6 is a collaboration between myself, a few other Jamf's and even a community member who submitted a PR on Github! MUT v6 includes code from a whopping FIVE (...  View more

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Pulling /Applications and versions via the Jamf API

Greetings, I have been using the API for a while now and I am currently facing an issue with figuring how can I create a call in python to go through the current number of devices in our Jamf Pro and obtain the software name and version of a specific...  View more

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Monterey - Slow loading of profile/credentials

Hello, I just wanted to ask with regard to the macOS Monterey Beta, I have just created a standard account and successfully logged in, however, it seems the loading of profile is very slow and it's taking longer than usual and will stuck in the middl...  View more

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Script related to

Hi all,I have a script may i know this script is about getting the latest version for software or security updates? Can I add this is jamf pro? This script is used for big sur or catalina or for both? https://github.com/jamf/Jamf-Nation-Scripts/blob/...  View more

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Jamf Nation needs a serious UX review/change

Every time I come to Jamf Nation to either start a new support chat, it takes me at least 3 minutes to find where it is. Same when I want to find the feature request board. Why has this place become so confusing? Please clean it up!  View more

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Accessibility for Microsoft Teams

Did anyone had luck getting Accessibility to "allow" for Microsoft Teams application?Tried using PPPC and allowed Accessibility for Teams but its not working. As a standard user, I'm not able to allow it.can anyone help to fix this.  View more

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JNUC 2021

Can't believe that is years JNUC is almost over I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone that put a session out there and all the JAMF's it takes to put this together. Thank you and I can't wait to in person JNUC 2022!!! #VJNUC21  View more

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