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Install macOS Big Sur.pkg Upload Issue

Is anyone having a issue uploading Big Sur (11.6) to Jamf Pro (Version 10.32.2).I have created the pkg file using the MegaPKGr.zsh script as I have done for previous versions and uploaded the package to my Jamf cloud instance, although the blue indic...  View more

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Best practices for migrating between sites

Hi there,we have some structural changes coming in the near future that will make it necessary to migrate policies, devices, computers, etc. between sites (mainly computers though). I just wanted to ask if there are best practices for doing so or if ...  View more

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TightVNC with Catalina

Hi everyone in the community.We have a fleet of around 150 macs and previously used TightVNC (prior to Jamf Pro) to connect to our macs from windows admin machines and since going to Jamf Pro we have experienced issues getting a remote tool to connec...  View more

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AD CS Connector behind an F5

Hello was wondering if anybody has any experience setting up an AD CS Connector behind and F5. We are just having problems with the proper configuration getting the connection to authenticate.  View more

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The question that interests many people who want to develop their mobile application concerns design, what and how best to do and what users like now. Where can I find information related to mobile UX design, if everything is written in simple langua...  View more

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Error Installing License Key Profile

When I double click the license key I get from Jamf for Jamf Connect it opens profiles on my mac, then say there was an error opening ... Contact your network administrator for more information. Now I am the network administrator and my therapists ha...  View more

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Find My Mac Hell On Multiple Computers

Before we were able to roll out a profile that prevents students from turning on "Find My Mac", it looks like we have some students that turned this on. I have 2 computers from students who recently left the school and I can't erase the hard drive. I...  View more

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iMac Boot Loop

We have various computer labs on campus. We are constantly getting reports of our various iMacs getting stuck in a boot loop. While the iMac is booting, you see a white Apple logo with a red square around it.The solution that we found that works or f...  View more

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Installing Client Specific ConnectWise Control

Hi, I'm new to JAMF and work with a MSP. We are trying to build a package that installs our ConnectWise Control app on our clients Mac computers. So far we have no success in our testing and creating this package with Composer. Has anyone been succes...  View more

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Jamf Connect 2.4.5 broke Local Password prompt

Hey Everyone,Not sure what version this happened on, but we thought to do a test on new enrollments and since 2.4.5 on the part where a user logs into azure and then asks to enter their network password. We get an "Invalid Request". We we're on 2.2.2...  View more

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Remove specific WiFi on iOS/iPadOS

Hi!Our users can use a specific guest WiFi to enroll their devices. This WiFi does not have access to any other sites than the ones needed for enrollment. The correct WiFi is rolled out via configuration profile.Is there a way to remove the guest WiF...  View more

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Google Chrome and Experimental QUIC protocol

Has anyone had any luck in disabling QUIC protocol in Google Chrome through the config profile? Setting QuicAllowed boolean to false still shows as default in chrome://flags#enable-quicReference is here:https://cloud.google.com/docs/chrome-enterprise...  View more

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ACSP macOS 11 Training

A colleague sent me this today if anyone’s interested in a cheap certification:https://www.ilounge.com/news/daily-deals/the-apple-certified-support-professional-macos-11-courseThe Apple Certified Support Professional MacOS 11 Course is 89% OffiLounge...  View more

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TimeZone Extension Attribute

I couldn't find any extension attribute in the templates or in any forum for showing the local timezone of a computer in jamf, so I wrote my own. It's just a simple script to pull the info from the localtime file, and cut off the first part that is a...  View more

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Apple Classroom iPad OS 15 troubles

We’ve started seeing messages on students iPads in the classroom settings pane that „teacher and student certificates have expired“ and that classes cannot be joined. No idea where those certificates come from though. Any suggestions? TIA  View more

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