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Security track, don't be scared!

Hey everyone! I encourage you all to take a look at some security focused topics this JUNC even if security "isn't your thing." I have a talk during the track but there are plenty of others that are worth while! If you have any questions about securi...  View more

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Jamf Protect Analytic Remediation

We are in the early stages of deploying Jamf Protect at our organization and my question is around analytics and remediation steps. I know you can configure Jamf Protect to update analytic actions to add to Jamf Pro Smart Computer Groups. Should the ...  View more

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iPadOS 15 - Optional Update

Hi - Does anyone know what the update and Jamf behavior are like with the iPadOS 15 update? I know this year they made it optional by allowing users to stay on iPadOS 14 and only receive security updates.  View more

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Resolved! iOS apps reinstalling themselves (iOS 14 and 15)

We're having a problem where managed Apps keep reinstalling themselves on our iOS devices. My understanding is that starting with iOS 14, managed apps could be deleted by end users, but my testing has revealed that iOS 14.0 and iOS 15.0 will reinstal...  View more

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Block home screen widgets - iOS 15

Is there a way in Jamf Pro to block the widgets that iOS 15 insists on putting on the home screen with a newly setup iPad? I've got everything else blocked that I want from the home screen of our student iPads but I cannot figure out for the life of ...  View more

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Azure Attribute department

Hi,I am quite new to JAMF.I've got everything working except of one attribute: departmentThe guy who was assigned to install JAMF with me said, there is only one way to get the content of this attribute.You need to statically add departments in JAMF,...  View more

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security logs

Can somebody please help me to know if below required infos are logged or not? If yes, how can I get them?Successful and failed authentication attemptsUse of root privilege accounts, such as through su and sudoDenied inbound connections, e.g. those b...  View more

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Programmatically scanning for plug-ins in Ableton 11

Hello, We've recently moved over to using Jamf and deployed Ableton 11 to all our machines with little issue, but we're finding we have to scan for plugins in Ableton manually on every account that logs in to the computers. I'm hoping there's a way t...  View more

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"Cisco Orbital" just dropped

Today we received an unexpected app drop from Cisco ID'd as "Cisco Orbital." So I'm racing to test a config profile in order to trust it in security & privacy so that doesn't prompt my end-users. Found this link which contains the info Cisco provides...  View more

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Jamf Configuration Profile Restrictions

Hi!I just need to vent and ask some questions that hopefully some Jamf employees can answer.Why are restrictions enabled by default?? If I want to disable ONE thing, I have to explicitly enable EVERYTHING ELSE, including things that I didn't know I n...  View more

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Error When Deploying AMP for Endpoints Policy

Hello,I know there's a discussion about this in another tread (https://community.jamf.com/t5/jamf-pro/deploying-cisco-amp-v-1-9/m-p/213222#M201846) but it is a bit old and perhaps not relevant to this specific issue.I downloaded the AMP agent from ou...  View more

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Microsoft Conditional Access down again

Hey all since Safari 15 came out. Is anyone else having issue enrolling devices into Conditional Access? Our JSS is 10.32.1-t1631129995. Device shows in Azure AD but never populates in macOS Intune Integration Logs. So the Compliance can never be che...  View more

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