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New to JAMF

Hey all,New to Jamf started helping out at work and I have run into an issue. We have an app for iPad that i have scoped to a static group. This app can be finicky and needs to be uninstalled and reinstalled fairly often.I am trying to set it up that...  View more

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Jamf Pro 10.39.1 Now Available

Hello Jamf Nation,Today we are releasing Jamf Pro 10.39.1. To learn more about this release and the product issues it addresses, please read the Jamf Pro 10.39.1 release notes here. Cloud Upgrade ScheduleYour Jamf Pro server, including any free sandb...  View more

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MyEclipse 2022

Since I don't have a blog (yet) thought I'd share a working method. Genuitec's MyEclipse IDE is a paid Java development tool that I was recently asked to deploy. It is not available in any standard .PKG formats, though there is an additional tool (SD...  View more

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Jamf Pro 10.39.0 Cloud Upgrade Schedule Changes

The Jamf Pro 10.39.0 cloud upgrade previously scheduled to begin on June 24th has been delayed by one day. The new dates and times are reflected in the following table. Cloud Upgrade ScheduleYour Jamf Pro server, including any free sandbox environmen...  View more

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Upgrading to Monterey (Silicon Mac)

I am currently trying to automate upgrading our macs M1 to Monterey.I have had success with our Intel macs but stuck at the following stage where to install the OS on our M1 macs I get the following message in the logs.Background:I have set up two po...  View more

dpwlg_0-1656069303894.png dpwlg_3-1656069586415.png dpwlg_4-1656069594786.png dpwlg_5-1656069604263.png
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Super Size Me

A while back I posted very excitedly about an update to the du binary:https://community.jamf.com/t5/jamf-pro/gnu-new-du-binary-option-in-macos-12-monterey/td-p/252266I forgot to post that I actually used it for something... We pushed Druva into produ...  View more

Screen Shot 2022-06-23 at 5.35.05 PM.png Screen Shot 2022-06-24 at 3.27.02 PM.png
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Trying to work with custom triggers

I wanted to make a popup window that users had to click on to acknowledge they were getting an update that would close their open application.I created a notifyScript , a notifyPolicy, and a updatePolicy.notifyPolicy is set to enabled, recurring chec...  View more

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Resolved! Failed Commands - Invalid status code

Good morning allI'm newish to Jamf so bare with me if this is obvious. Today I started prepping 2 new computers, one was pre-enrolled brand new out of the box and the other was an older MBA that I used a manual invite.Most of the usual policies appli...  View more

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Could not create MDMResponseAction, returning 500

Our Jamf server is no longer getting any inventory updates from our iPads and we can no longer push apps whch all started on 6/3/22. the Jamf Pro Server Logs shows this error - 2022-06-03 23:54:17,389 [ERROR] [lina-exec-8] [dmControllerProcessorImpl]...  View more

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JAMF Pro API / AutoPkgr Issue - Policy Notifications

Hello Jamf Nation, We've built our own type of semi-automated software updates method in our JAMF Pro instance using Autopkgr. We've altered the recipes and templates to tailor our needs. Utilizing Autopkgr in conjunction with JAMF API has been extre...  View more

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Not all computers are showing in JAMF Protect

We have about 15 computers currently in JAMF Pro, we added JAMF Protect and set up a policy to push it out to the endpoints. That was a few days ago and pretty quickly 7 machines showed up in the JAMF protect portal.... but now a few days later its s...  View more

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Prestage Enrollment - No check in after

Hi everyone, We have PreStage Enrollments and we now have 2 Macs which initially enrolled and I see them registered in Jamf. The problem is, they do not check in after the initial registration and does not get our standard apps (which deploy via smar...  View more

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