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Monterey "Jamf wants access to control finder"

Hi All,We didn't have this issue deploying to Big Sur or earlier.Since installing Monterey and testing policys against it were are hit with "Jamf wants access to control finder" and "Terminal wants access to control finder". The existing PPPC seem to...  View more

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How do/Do you educate your end users?

I am putting this in the Jamf School section because that is what we are currently using, but I believe this is a relevant topic for everyone.I started working in my position at a K12 school last summer and have been learning many things about techno...  View more

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Fixing a broken enrollment

I have a computer that's previously enrolled but no longer checking in. I run recon using IP address enrollment and get an error "jamf binary failed to install"When I ssh into the computer and do any jamf command I get this error"dyld: Library not lo...  View more

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Protect vs. Defender

I am looking into adding Jamf Protect to our suit of services but I am getting some push back from our system admin wanting to use Defender. Outside of same day support (which Defender can't offer), is there a list of threats and other benefits that ...  View more

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Post Install Script File Location?

I have a .dmg need to be placed where the Composer Post Script is running.I am trying to get Beyond Trust to install and I am using "franton's bomgar pre and post install scripts"The preinstall scripts works 100% no issuethe postinstall script only w...  View more

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Local login password incorrect

Hi We recently pushed out Jamf connect to test users. This user is on monterey using a mobile account. The reset password feature works up until it asks for the local password to sync the account but it is always saying its incorrect. Screenshot of l...  View more

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Avoid creating web clips on iPads

Hi, I am just wondering if there's a quick way to ban all web clips from home screen or even better deactivate it in safari (script?) Activating a plain safelist and blocklist profile, unchecking: -safelist all web clips- has no effect at all.No Layo...  View more

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Remove User Level Configuration Profile

Hello, everyone,we added our existing MacBooks to jamf via UIE. The devices still have manually installed user profiles under System Settings - Profiles. Certificates were distributed with the configuration profile. Is there a way to uninstall this p...  View more

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Packages Distribution Point Settings for Policies

For those of you using Jamf Cloud instances, I'm curious if you've ever run into issues with policies downloading large ( > 5GB) files when using the "Each computer's default" distribution point rather than the "Cloud" distribution point. I have one ...  View more

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Single SSO Login for enrollment and Apple ID?

I'm looking to simplify the enrollment process as much as possible for my users (students). I have configured Azure AD SSO and Federated Users in Apple School Manager. However, while the user is prompted for their SSO login during the enrollment, aft...  View more

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MDM connection lost with non-removable MDM profile

Hi,every now and then I come across a Mac which stopped communicating with the Jamf server and Apple's MDM.As our MDM profile is non-removable I have the question how to uninstall it? Sending the MDM-removal command obviously will not work nor jamf r...  View more

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