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Automouter stops working after 2 weeks

@pixeleyesltd We have 30 licenses of AutoMounter that we purchased through Apple Business. The app. distributes with no problem, but after maybe several weeks it stops working and I get an error message. At such time I have to un-scope, delete the ap...  View more

Screen Shot 2022-07-12 at 3.57.30 PM.png
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Jamfhelper window won't load icon in Ventura 13.0.1

Having a bit of a weird issue. So I have this script that pops a notification box open on check-in, and it's working fine, except that it won't display the branding icon in the box. It's probably easier to show than to tell, so see below (executing t...  View more

Screenshot 2022-12-05 at 15.12.06.png
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Jamf Connect 2.18.0 Now Available

Today we released Jamf Connect 2.18.0; this release includes the following: Collect Logs Functionality in Menu Bar The Jamf Connect About window now has a Collect Logs button. Users can click the button to save the logs for all Jamf Connect subsystem...  View more

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swiftDialog-izing Your Scripts

Learn how to leverage swiftDialog in your scripts to provide user-feedback and to capture user inputIntroductionPrior to Bart Reardon releasing swiftDialog, we used Jamf Helper for our modest needs and Carsten Blüm’s Pashua when we had more complex r...  View more

Introducing Setup Your Mac.png
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wired 802.1X with AD computer authentication

HelloI have macOSc Monterey in my companyI want to configure 802.1X ethernet (based on computer authentication), my macOS are bind to ADI have already made a configuration that works but the connection is not automatic.Is it possible to configure thi...  View more

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Export Last Enrolled Device Infos

Hi,Asset IT teams would like to receive a notification once a device is enrolled in Jamf.Required infos: User IDDevice Asset TagDevice S/NAny idea how to satisfy this request ?1) How to auto-populate an online Sharepoint sheet?2) Can we export to exc...  View more

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Scheduling app update

I am trying to see if I can schedule an app update. I go to settings> device management> app maintenance. Both the options “App Updates” and “In-House Apps”are greyed out. Is this just an admin issue or am I missing a step? Also, is there a way I can...  View more

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Only allow login to managed Apple ID

Hello,I created managed Apple IDs for my students in Apple School Manager. After I imported the Users to Jamf Pro and assigned iPads to the users. Now my students need to log into their managed Apple ID on the iPad. But they are also able to log into...  View more

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Jamf Pro

IT Specialist, 25 years - I have taken a keen interest in the Apple side of this since I’ve taken this role. We have a fleet of iOS devices we manage through jamf pro - anyway I am looking for a career in MAC/jamf/iOS management/administration. Is th...  View more

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Resolved! App Store Connect Apple IDs

Hello!We are looking to federate our domain in Apple Business Manager so that our users cannot use their work emails as personal Apple IDs and to then create managed Apple IDs for all users in our enterprise. Currently, our Developers had Apple IDs c...  View more

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Find Macs where users have removed Jamf

Many of our users are admins or can easily elevate to admins on their Macbooks. Some of them have removed Jamf, so we can no longer push updates to their workstations. What is the best way to detect new people who this? Does it show up somewhere in l...  View more

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Resolved! Extention Attribute for logCollection not working

What is the best way to try and debug an EA script? I’ve implemented logCollection https://github.com/kc9wwh/logCollection/wiki , and that works fine, but I’m trying to make a smart group that reports on Macs that have an attachment. The EA from http...  View more

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Prevent users from logging into iCloud on iPads

EDIT: Nevermind. I thought I could restrict based on devices assigned to a specific user, but actually I just have to restrict the device instead. I am trying to set up some iPads to be used in classrooms where we are wanting to prevent anyone from b...  View more

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Resolved! Completely remove iBoss from MacBooks

Hello all, We're seeing iBoss causing issues when students are trying to load ANY page. We no longer use iBoss and were attempting to move over to Linewize. It worked perfectly fine and then stopped. We've narrowed it down to leftover iBoss files som...  View more

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JAMF Connect

I wanted to know few things about Jamf connect.1. If I use Jamf connect then user will be able to change the password and sync with AD/local mac over internet, I mean if the mac is not in office network either physically or through VPN.?2. If I use J...  View more

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