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Changing which bash scripts are using

Hello all, I am trying to change which bash is used in scripts but having no success.I tried changing the shebang to:#!/usr/bin/env bashand changing the path to start with the folder of the correct path, but I still get the normal bash.I tried export...  View more

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Dock settings

Hello right now I have the dock set via config profile. The users are able to add items just two things are unremovable. I want to switch to dock utility instead of config profile. The question is can I run a script to backup what their current dock ...  View more

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What naming convention do you use?

Hello all.What is the best naming convention to use for Jamf. We recently talked to a systems engineer, who stated that having the Serial Number in the name is not a good practice, from a security standpoint. That it is not good to have serial number...  View more

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Simple file copy to Mac using Jamf?

Jamf noob here, I need to copy a file to a single mac computer in the /library/application support folder using Jamf Pro. I have a copy of the file. I have gone into settings- scripts and I'm trying to write a script with a simple CP terminal command...  View more

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Visit with us at Bett!

At Jamf, we have a strong community to support and empower you. The Jamf Community can help you grow your expertise, gain knowledge, get first hand advice and network with your fellow educators. In this session, we show you how to make the most of ou...  View more

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Patch Management - Update Definition

I am managing a few software titles through the JAMF Patch Management, but I'm unable to update the Definitions on my own. One of the titles has fallen a bit behind. Foxit PDF Editor is now on version and the last definition update was fo...  View more

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CrowdStrike Falcon Kickstart (0.0.2)

(Hopefully) automate the remediation of sideways Falcon installationsBackgroundDuring the initial phases of our CrowdStrike Falcon pilot, we discovered a surprising number of sideways installations which were reporting the seemingly dreaded: Error wh...  View more

Kickstart CrowdStrike Falcon Services.png
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Jamf Pro Not Installing on Intel Evo Laptop

Hey everyone,I'm trying to install Jamf Pro on my Intel Evo Laptop [https://www.lenovo.com/ca/en/faqs/intel-evo/], but I'm having some issues with it. Specifically, the installation process seems to freeze and won't complete. I'm not sure what the pr...  View more

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Can JAMF see my files and log keyboard presses?

The company i work for (as a contractor) is requiring me to install JAMF on my *personal* laptop and iMac because of "compliance requirements". While i would usually refuse on principle (since these are my own devices), i am enjoying my job so i'm no...  View more

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iMessages Madness

I've rolled out several new iPhones in the last week and the configuration state of iMessages is completely inconsistent from device to device. These are all phones that are the same model, same IOS version, same department profile. Some show iMessag...  View more

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South Florida MacAdmins Kick-off

Join us for the first ever South Florida Mac Admins meetup including dinner, drinks, and bowling. This is a casual event for folks who manage and support Apple Devices in enterprise and education to network and get to know one another.https://www.eve...  View more

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Mass Update Operating System Not Working

Hi All, Apologies here I am new to JAMF Pro so forgive me if I have missed something obvious:I have followed this guide here:https://trainingcatalog.jamf.com/update-macos-1/372407This is about doing a mass update of the OS. I have followed all the gu...  View more

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