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Komprise Automount Service

I thought I'd post this here in case any one ever needs it, as we've had quite a few issues getting this working!If you don't know what Komprise is, then check out their website.Essentially, it's a data management/migration/archiving solution that ca...  View more

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Best way to install apps for non-admin users?

I'm trying to figure out how to install apps for users that are not local admins. Of course they can install from Self Service just fine, which puts the application into /Applications.The problem is that many apps (Chrome, Firefox, Signal, etc.) will...  View more

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Custom trigger vs. Policy ID?

Any advantages in using a custom trigger to trigger policies vs. using their IDs? Just curious if I can skip a step in adding all the policies I want to call in the script a custom name when they already have an ID attached to 'em. Thanks!  View more

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Resolved! Unable to Update M1s to Ventura

Hello all.I am working on getting a project to upgrade Macs to Ventura (or Monterey if they wont support Ventura) and I am having trouble. I have reviewed a number of posts on Jamf Nation and setup what others seem to mention works. However, I am not...  View more

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Jamf Connect PingFederate Integration

I am the Mac admin for my company and we are thinking about using the Jamf Connect product. I was able to work with my Ping team and get my test environment setup properly, but I am having some connectivity trouble with setup for my production enviro...  View more

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Shared iPad Temporary Session Timeout

We are trying to setup Shared iPads for one of our departments. However, devices will timeout back to the Lock Screen after 2 minutes and we cannot locate the ability to change this to 1 hour. Our PreStage Enrollment sets the device up as a Shared iP...  View more

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Jamf pro iPad invalid status code

Good day When I am sending updates to some applications via Jamf pro there is failed command with invalid status code. We have license for that application . I am very disappointed about that. I need help to get it function.Thank you for help Regards...  View more

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Every 14 Days SSO Extension stops working

We have JAMF Connect and the Kerberos SSO extension deployed and 1 particular user’s sso extension every 14 days seems to disconnect and you can’t reconnect or sign in unless you reboot. Has anybody come across this before? Running 12.6 on an M1 Pro.  View more

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Jamf Unlock Always Asking for Keychain Access

We are currently testing Jamf Unlock in our environment. I've found that every time I use Unlock, it keeps asking for Keychain access. Documentation says that it should ask for the password during the first login attempt. I get it every time when I c...  View more

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FileVault from previous MDM handover to Jamf?

So I have machine that I am migrating from Workspace One to Jamf Pro. Is there a way to leave FileVault enabled after unenrolling from Workspace One - and then having Jamf Pro issue a new recovery key? Hoping to do this with zero touch.I am researchi...  View more

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