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Jamf Protect 4.2.0 Now Available

Hello Jamf Nation!We recently released Jamf Protect 4.2.0.This release includes two resolved issues:Occasionally, computers with a large queue experienced high CPU usage if disconnected from the Jamf server. This has been resolved and in the event of...  View more

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Save the date - 6/28/23

The NYC Jamf User Group will return for its second in-person meeting of the year on Wednesday, June 28th, 2023 at our regular location of the Apple office at 100 Fifth Ave, Sixth Floor, New York, NY 10014 - from 4:30-6:30 PMSince this will be post WW...  View more

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Pre-Stage iPhone - Waiting Final Config

Hello,We are trying to enroll an iPhone 7 Plus on Software 9,2 that was factory reset. It goes through the ABM Pre-Enrollment, then hangs at Configuring iPhoneWaiting final configuratyion from In JAMF the device shows as"Enrollment Method: PreStage e...  View more

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SSO enablement for JAMF URL

Hello All,I just wanted to know if I can bypass the SSO authentication putting "?failover" after my JAMF console URL then what is the point to use SSO, or it is known to administrator only not for others? Or it can be stopped also to bypass in this w...  View more

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Resolved! APNS Portal Certificates - How Many?

I'm looking to set up a sandbox instance of Jamf Cloud. Does anyone know how many certificates the APNS portal supports? I'm a little nervous in selecting "Create new certificate" when I have a production instance and certificate deployed. I'm "assum...  View more

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Device reset without user prompt

We collect ipads at the end of the year. They previously had a user assigned. Is there a way that we can reset that device (in mass, or having the student manually do it), and then when it turns back on in the fall, it does NOT ask for username and p...  View more

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Jamf Connect Password Sync

We use Jamf Connect to sync users Google account password and set it to their Mac account password. One of the users have changed their google password, Jamf connect has realised that the passwords don't match, but wont let him sync the accounts. He ...  View more

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Email notifications being sent to only 2 users

Hello all, recently email alerts stopped arriving from Jamf, so we created a user for tests to see if it will get notifications.In that user, I subscribed to almost all the emails that are possible, but still only 2 users are being used in the notifi...  View more

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Jamf School Support in New Zealand

Kia oraI have recently taken over managing an instance of Jamf School for a school here in New Zealand. I've had some experience using MDM previously just not Jamf itself. I've picked up most things and the documentation and training is pretty good.T...  View more

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Pushing goguardian to user macbooks

Hello,We are planning on issuing our users MacBooks. We wanted to use goguardian since we already use it for user ipads. I see that for ipads we have a configuration profile with the goguardian certificate that gets pushed. Would it be the same proce...  View more

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Apps Keep Reinstalling Themselves

Hi folks,I was looking through the logs on several iPhones in Jamf Pro today and noticed a pattern in many devices. I see a long list of apps installing themselves on established iPhones. Then I look back a few days and see the same list of apps inst...  View more

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Update on End User Notifications (App Installers)

We introduced a notification capability for App Installers deployments in September 2022 and have continued to refine these notifications since that time. The original intent was to present a notification to the end users that as closely resembled th...  View more

image-20230529-142344.png image-20230529-142400.png update-complete.png screen_shot_2023-05-24_at_12.10.19_pm_720.png
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