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local usernames

Hello AllI am having an issue where our local usernames are being setup as "first.last" and this is causing issues down the provisioning road. We are using OneLogin with JAMF Connect and have the LDAP attributes pulling as well, below are the attrbit...  View more

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Exceeding License

Hi everyone! I've reached my device license count, on both the iOS and macOS side of things. If I understand it correctly, I will still be able to enroll devices and functionality will not change, but when we're due to re up our annual contract, we'l...  View more

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How can I find the correct Supervision Identity

I don't succeed to get the correct Supervision Indentity into Apple Configurator 2, and that makes resurrecting some of my iPads quite difficult. I believe I have created the proper SI, use it for the device enrollment and imported it to my Apple Con...  View more

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Using File and Processes to Call Another Policy

I currently have one policy that runs a script to rename a computer. This should happen directly after pre-stage enrollment. I then want this policy to call another policy that installs an agent for Jumpcloud. Is the best thing to do use the Execute ...  View more

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Resolved! Self Service doesn’t install

HiI’m trying to set up a BYOD environment besides our company owned devices. As shown here With PreStage Enrollments it works like a charm but on the personally owned devices it doesn’t install at all. I followed this manual but it doesn’t work. All ...  View more

Bildschirmfoto 2021-10-22 um 15.13.53.png
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Time out /IPAD

HI- so if we are pushing out updates to Ipads with security PIN enforced- how long after the devices are first unlocked after a reboot do we have the ability to push apps/changes? I know it has to have an unlock once after a restart (such as IOS upda...  View more

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Resolved! Auto-generated custom machine name at Enrollment?

Hey folks,Our machine naming convention is 11 characters long. The first 4 characters are:m = macd/p = desktop/portable21 = deployment year...then the last 7 characters of that machine's serial number.We can't change this naming convention operationa...  View more

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JAMF Connect + Notify sleep setting

Hello all,I have gotten Notify and connect to work with my deployments. However user's screen are turning off when Notify is running. 1. Is the computer sleeping or is the screen just turning off?2. If it is sleeping I want to make config profile to ...  View more

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Deploy Hot Corners

Is there as easy way to deploy single hot corner config , i need disable screensaver when cursor is moved to bottom right corner.Regards  View more

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Reporting for HD Space for updates.

Good morning- we are utilizing a script (jamf_ea_LatestOSSupported) from to report back to make sure the MacBook has the required hardware/disk space/etc and what the highest OS is able to be installed. The problem we are running into is the disk spa...  View more

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