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MacOS updates downloading but not applying

We are trying to set up our Macs with a Software update policy from this link. I've set that up and deployed it to my test machine (M1 Mac running 11.2.1). I ran a 'sudo jamf policy' to kick it off and see what the process would look like. After the ...  View more

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Combine logCollection and MakeMeAnAdmin Script

I'm trying to combine these two scrips so a log is pulled when the user runs the MakeMeAnAdmin Script. I will be using logCollection to pull the logs and store them into Jamf.Currently, the script is set to give the user administrator rights for 30 m...  View more

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IT Project Coordinator

Our Mission “Everyone prepared! Everyone saved!”Our Vision To be the standard of excellence for Christian schools. Our Values Family, Academics, Innovation, Truth and High-Achievement provide the framework for our values. Faith Academics Innovation T...  View more

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Distribute .wav Files for Music-projects via JAMF

Hey Guys,quick question: Is there a way, to upload Soundfiles (e.g. .wav, .mp3) to the files directory of iPads via JAMF? (We use JAMFs own servers for our MDM solution)Background:We use around 200 iPads for a music projects with kids and I want to d...  View more

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Resolved! Having issues uploading a config profile for nudge

I'm having an issue uploading a configuration profile for nudge. When I install the profile locally, there are no issues and everything worksThis is the content. Not sure What I'm doing wrong here. PayloadContent PayloadDescription Configures a...  View more

Screen Shot 2021-09-16 at 5.11.28 PM.png
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Big Sur Recovery Mode - Reboots

I have a macbook air, late 2018 that I had Big Sur installed on it, I am trying to wipe it for the next deployment to reinstall and reenroll. However, when I got to Recovery Mode, it starts up the Internet Recovery, I enter my language, then it setup...  View more

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Does anyone have any experience utilizing Jamf Connect login LAPS functionality? https://travellingtechguy.blog/jamf-connect-and-laps/ Following this link there is specific plist config info called out for LAPS control built into Jamf Connect, our in...  View more

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Update Visual Studio

I am looking for a solution for updating Visual Studio remotely via JAMF PRO/terminal command etc. We are seeing some VS vulnerabilities pop up for the first time in our vulnerability scanning software (Qualys) and I am not finding much of anything i...  View more

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macOS 11.6 Availability?

Hey Everyone,Are any of you seeing that the 11.6 macOS update/upgrade is unavailable? I can't seem to get it on any mac from the Software Update in System Pref's or via the softwareupdate CLI. Does anyone know what's going on or is it just me?  View more

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Okta Adaptive MFA question

We're internally testing Okta's Adaptive MFA (passwordless sign ins based on certain conditions) and know that under JC 2.4.3 it wasn't working properly for signing in. I put the AMFA aside because of this for the time being. I upgraded to JC 2.4.5 a...  View more

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Community Engagement Sessions

I'm looking forward to the sessions from our Community Engagement Team; Jeni, Lysette, Kaelie, and Calley! New to Jamf Nation? Never heard of Jamf Heroes? What are the Jammies? The answers to these questions and more will be covered in their can't mi...  View more

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Prestage Enrollment Admin not getting Secure Token

Hey All, Going through our provisioning workflow, I chose to create a managed administrator in the Prestage Enrollment and skipping the account creation. We create a generic standard account via policy on Enrollment for the user to run some Self Serv...  View more

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