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How to Properly Remove Facetime on MacBook

Hello, I applied a "Facetime Deletion" and " iMessage App Deletion" within the Restricted Software. The process name I used was -----System/Applications/ and /System/Applications/ I restricted the exact process name, applied "...  View more

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Error migrating database

Hello all,I inherited a Jamf server running on CentOS, which I want to migrate to Ubuntu to fulfil system requirements.However, while restoring the database on the new server it throws an error: CREATE TABLE `os_update_process_manager_command_c ... E...  View more

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Devices unrecoverably stuck in Enrolling

Hi!I have a few devices with remote employees that started the JamfNow Enrollment process but got stuck somehow mid way through. So the profiles have already been installed from the blueprint but the Device page in JamfNow is super sparse without any...  View more

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Update User Class or Group Assignment with jamf API

We are building up a python script that fills the Users (Teachers / Students) into the classes with the jamf api. We are doing good so far but we have trouble updating the User Class or Group assignments. We are using the Documentation on https://sch...  View more

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Mac OS Lockdown Mode flawed

So we have found for a managed and a non managed Sonoma machine, there is a bug in Apple's Lockdown mode.In order to enable Lockdown mode, one must be an admin on the machine.Once Lockdown mode is enabled, one can no longer use Apple's ARD program or...  View more

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Anyone deployed Cisco AMP latley?

Having trouble figuring out how to deploy cisco AMP via Jamf. I know there are a few threads out there but I cant even find the .XML file everyone keeps mentioning. Not sure if things changed since then but I need help.  View more

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"Account locked" error messages after MFA swapover

Hey everyone,This week my company swapped MFA providers from DUO to Okta and after doing so my Mac users are seeing this message when trying to sign into Connect:We have double and triple checked each users account in Azure when they get this message...  View more

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Advanced Threat Controls

Hello Jamf Nation! Advanced threat controls has been added to Jamf Protect. Advanced threat controls intervene when unsafe or malicious activity considered high-risk by Threat Labs is detected. Detected activity is blocked and reported to administrat...  View more

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Jamf Pro 11.5.1 Now Available

Today we are releasing a maintenance version of Jamf Pro; this release includes the following changes and improvements: Support Added for Deploying Apps Using the Jamf Certificate SDK You can now deploy apps that use the Jamf Certificate SDK to perso...  View more

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Issues setting up Jamf-Proxy for Venafi

Hi there,we are trying to set up the Jamf-Proxy for Venafi PKI and we are running into issues. We set up everything according to the manual. From my understanding Jamf-Cloud is getting connected to the Proxy as I can see a request on the Proxy itself...  View more

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MDM profile error with Return to Service app

I recently got the Return to Service workflow working on some test iPads. When I deployed it to my student iPads and tried to run it manually through the app it returned the following error message in the management tab in JSS: Erase DeviceMDM profil...  View more

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Stop personal iPhone from connecting the work mac

Hi all,We need to stop personal iPhone/iPad from connecting the work macs. We have tried deploying this one: one is actually effective partia...  View more

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Mac Nerd Looking for Work

Greetings,I am currently seeking new employment opportunities where I can leverage my expertise as a Mac professional. With over a decade of experience in supporting organizations and driving their growth, I am eager to apply my skills to help your c...  View more

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