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Devices compliance reports in Jamf Pro

Hi all,I would like some help if possible on getting compliance reports of our devices in Jamf Pro, is this possible? I looked around and have not find that. Basically what I need is to produce reports of devices which are out of compliance (outdated...  View more

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Resolved! How to add same custom app for both Intel and ARM64?

Hi all,I have downloaded two DMG files for the same application. One for Intel and one for ARM64.I have created two PKG files with Composer from two DMG files.When I add the 2nd PKG file, I get an error that says that the app already exists in my lib...  View more

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1-2-1 iPad deployment best setup

HI All,We are moving across from Lightspeed next year and am wondering what would be the best setup for a 1-2-1 iPad deployment for staff and students on JAMF.With regards to our current Lightspeed setup every summer we would pull our student and sta...  View more

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Internet Account

Internet Account is greyed out in Standard User account.How do we enable it? Single or multiple user mode.OrDo we have a script to delete account from Internet Account from a Standard account?Please help me with it. Thank you.  View more

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Wipe iPad through API

Hello I am working in a hospital, looking to integrate our practice management system with Jamf. We need to Wipe the iPad remotely when the patient is discharged from the hospital programmatically via API. I have tried to look into the documentation ...  View more

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MakeMeAnAdmin does not work anymore on macOS 12.3?

Hi all,So we are using the MakeMeAnAdmin script for almost 3 years without a hitch.Now we are having the first macoS 12.3.1 devices and the MakeMeAnAdmin script does not work anymore. On older macOS versions everything works fine.Anyone else experien...  View more

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Description of login window payload

Hey there, i cant find the documentation. Can someone point me to where things are defined for the "login window" payload? Ideally when you mouse over items in the UI, it would give you a small description of what the property does. One can dream! Sp...  View more

2022-05-18 13_05_21-Window.png 2022-05-18 13_38_17-Window.png
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Unable to remove a user extension.

I can easily add the extension for a user with the user email and the extension data in the request body, for example:"11" To remove the extension I have tried to do a PUT with https://ocean.jamfcloud.com/JSSResource/users/email/${email} and with the...  View more

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Apple TV Resolution

Just wondering if anyone out there has any ideas how to create a configuration profile that will remotely change the display resolution of an Apple TV. We have some Sony projectors that when hooked up to an Apple TV 4K w/HDMI, the "Freeze" button doe...  View more

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Resolved! Multiple LDAP Servers

I think I already know the answer to this but wanted to ask here. Is it possible to have multiple LDAP servers and have it cycle through them as one is unavailable. We currently have four servers we can use for LDAP. All four of those are in System S...  View more

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