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AD Bind and Sonoma Upgrade

I recently had Jamf Pro update my MacBook to 14.3.1 from Ventura. The computer is AD bound and we have the Domain Admins and another group we use set so they should be computer admins. Before I pushed the upgrade my account was listed as "Mobile, Adm...  View more

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Blocking web access when using IP address

We are attempting to implement the Australian Government’s ISM controls and we are required to satisfy these:1171 Attempts to access websites through their IP addresses instead of their domain names are blocked by web content filters.649 Files import...  View more

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Implementing SUPERMAN for Updates

Has anyone successfully implemented SUPERMAN for their MacOS patching? I've got in place the Config for the settings I want, I have the API set and an policy to deploy out SUPERMAN. Question now is that if I set everything through the config file and...  View more

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MS Defender installed, now trying to add DLP

We got Defender working on our Macs about a year ago - deployed via JAMF Pro and with configuration profiles. We are not bound to the domain and do not use JAMF Connect.I am trying to follow along with Microsofts documentation (Onboard and offboard m...  View more

purview config status msg.PNG config details before.PNG config details after.PNG
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Jamf Connect Does Not Prompt MFA @ Login

Hey Everyone! Jamf Connect: 2.32.0macOS: Sonoma 14.3.1 A little back story here. We have Jamf Connect setup with Azure/Entra as our IDP. Our organization is working on moving from a Local on premise AD to Azure/Entra cloud only solution. With that be...  View more

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Dockutil/Custom Dock

Good morning,I am having trouble deploying the custom dock, I am able to get it work in my test environment (vm), my work computer and another's tech computer. When we run the policy from s...  View more

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Resolved! Replicating smb share

Hi,I am trying to replicate a smb distribution point using jamf admin, but whenever it's trying to mount the share it adds http to the path. Is that expected / am I missing something? It also adds the share name at the end twice, which doesn't make s...  View more

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Hi All,Anyone Send the script for Tailsman Installation in Default path /users/user_name/.tailsman/bin  View more

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Resolved! Removing Dock item TV, Launchpad and Apple Music

I am trying to remove and add some Dockitems to our new Users, so far it goes well with the Built in Tool and policies. Just these three Apps don't work. I am using the following path file://localhost/System/Applications/  View more

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BYOD iOS Enrollment => Profile wrong file extension

How do you do?We have just started testing the roll-out of BYOD and have discovered that the profile for personal devices has an .html extension.This means that we cannot install it.We have the problem on different iOS devices with different browsers...  View more

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