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IOS Photo App Content Management in OneDrive

We are an M365 municipality and use IOS mobiles in the field with Jamf Pro. With that said, we have several shared IOS devices. Think of all the Fire or Public Works crews that have a shared crew iPhone or iPad. There may be 3-8 people on a crew rota...  View more

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Macintosh Support Technician

Farmingdale State College is seeking a highly skilled and motivated Mac Specialist to join our Information Technology team. The Mac Specialist will play a crucial role in supporting and maintaining the Macintosh computing environment across campus, e...  View more

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Resolved! The new Composer: Is it just me?

I work at a university, which means we try to keep the same configuration throughout the academic year, which in turn means that I mostly don't use JAMF for about 9 months and then have a really crazy 3 months to prepare next year's configuration. Qu...  View more

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Restriction clearing history website data - iPadOS 17

We got alot of student devices. We want to be able to clear history and website data on them. Right now the option on the iPad is dimmed - Settings -> Safari - Clear History and Website Data.I'm trying to find out where the restriction is set to dimm...  View more

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Resolved! Multiple config profiles. Configuration Creep?

Looking after iOS devices for a large IT company.We have a 'default' set of restrictions; every newly setup device gets this. There are other profiles as well that look after things for all devices (passcodes are a good example). Restrictions, though...  View more

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Change Hostname & Local Hostname of computers

Hello, I'm trying to figure out how to change the "Hostname" and "Local Hostname" of our fleet of MacBooks to use the Serial number instead of the name of the computer that ends up being the name of the employees, which is not great for privacy and s...  View more

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Configration Profiles

Hi All,Currently, Jamf Pro does not distribute/push a few of our configuration profiles to the devices. Is there a way where I can force these Config Profiles to the devices in Jamf Pro? i selected all computers in scope, when I do re-save action it ...  View more

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Seeking New Opportunities

Good Day My name is Shawn Giesbrecht and I am an IT professional with over 30 years of experience, specializing in Windows, Unix, and more recently, Apple environments. My expertise includes setting up and managing Mobile Device Management (MDM) syst...  View more

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Resolved! Adding VPP (iOS) licenses to Sites

Hello, I'm at the point where I had to create Sites in Jamf. I've never had a problem adding VPP licenses to apps but now when I scope an app, i.e. GMail, to "Campus A", I get "Content not available to assign to mobile devices". If I remove the site ...  View more

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Resolved! Where is "Managed Login Items"

Hello,I'm looking for Managed login items in profile configuration. I've seen it in documents and video (see screenshots), but don't see it in my Jamf Pro.My interface is in French.Where is it?  View more

Capture d’écran 2024-05-28 à 10.51.00.png Capture d’écran 2024-05-28 à 10.52.11.png
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Disable MS Office 2021 login options

Hi, I am trying to deploy Office 2021 (VolumeLicense) and with that I want do disable the ability for users to login to office and use their private Office 365 licenses.On this site (  View more

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WEB filtering solution - JAMF Trust

Bonjour à tous,J’ai mis en place la solution de filtrage JAMF Trust, l’application bien installée, visible sur RADAR, le filtrage WEB fonctionne correctement.Cependant, je me suis rendu compte d’un problème un peu plus tard, j’ai un conflit avec le V...  View more

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