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Why won't this script work on an Intel Mac?

I'm a new Jamf Pro admin. The previous admin set things up to run the following script when we re-provision a Mac. It puts a full-screen splashscreen up that lets the user know that the computer shouldn't be used because software is being installed (...  View more

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Support for utf8mb4 on MySQL

I've done lot's of searching, but cannot seem to find any information on this.We are planning to upgrade our backend database from MySQL 5.7 to 8.0.The database is currently using the utf8 character set, which has been deprecated in favor of utf8mb4 ...  View more

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SCEP server configuration is not supported

HelloJust unwrapped 2 Ipad and assigned them to JAMF thru Business Manager.Everytime I start them, I'm getting "SCEP Server configuration is not supported". I don't actually use SCEP, all default configurations in JAMF Pro.Do I really need a SCEP Ser...  View more

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Jamf Powerbi Connector Timeout

Hi everyone, Has anyone had success with using the Powerbi Connector? I've managed to pull all data in, created a couple of small dashboards, but it never seems to refresh. Even a manual or scheduled refresh ends up timing out after a few hours.I've ...  View more

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Sophos Endpoint Scripted Install

Leverage Jamf Pro Script Parameters to automate a multi-Sub-Estate installation of Sophos EndpointBackgroundDuring our monthly Sophos vendor meeting last week, we learned about updated documentation for Installing Endpoint Protection on Macs.The most...  View more

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using Crontab for shutdown

Hello,I want to shut down a group of mac minis at 9 PM using a cronjob. I have this written, but not useful. Would anyone have any advice on how to implement a script for this?command being used:Sudo crontab -ii* 21 * * * /sbin/shutdown -h nowEsc:wq  View more

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Resolved! Assign License per User

We can create device groups and assign app licenses on a per-device basis but is it possible to do that on a per-user basis? I'm not seeing that as an option. I know that is something that can be done in Jamf Pro but if there's a way to do it in Jamf...  View more

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Brew and Powershell Install

We have Yubikeys paired keys with MacOS. I have to export Yubikey Cert infos to shared smb.Solution: I have a Powershell script to deploy on admin and non admin users.Requirements: Brew /bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Hom...  View more

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cisco webex single sign on (SSO)

Hello community,we are using SSO via Microsoft Asher® AD.Now, we changed our Cisco Webex® to SSO, too. On our Windows Clients, SSO for Cisco Webex® is working, but not on our Mac® clients.I configured a configuration profile and a plist in Jamf Pro® ...  View more

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Cant log in with user created from script

I'm creating a user from script and it works fine. You can unlock the padlock using the account, you can switch to the account in terminal and run things BUT the account will not log in!!!When logging in as the account it just hangs?!#!/bin/bash sudo...  View more

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App Installers, add script

When I packaged Privileges 1.5.2 with Composer, I added a Postinstall-script that installs a privileges-helper.I tried App Installers to update Privileges to 1.5.3; it installed fine, but then the helper was still in version 1.5.2 and therefor did no...  View more

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