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Hey Mac Admins! 

Join us on August 4th at noon, MT for our next LaunchPad Meetup. With special guest Brock Walters sharing his solution, Dynamic Static Groups™, to a complex problem.

You might be saying to yourself, "Dynamically updating a Static Group is impossibly dumb, because, that's what Smart Groups are for...", but, here is the dilemma: we may need to assess an endpoint state for which there are no good client-side attributes to collect.

In this particular case (if you must know, Microsoft modern vs. basic authentication) there is no definitive data on the endpoint that accurately reflects the sheer number of highly-variable user login behaviors in my environment. It's not that it's too hard, it just can't be accurately done.

The user login data that is needed (i.e., email addresses that are using basic auth) is available, however, in the Exchange logs. Because the Messaging team can ship that log data, we can use it to create Static Groups. When that data is updated we can dynamically change the membership of the designated Static Group, thus, Dynamic Static Groups


Looking forward to seeing you all there!