Chrome Update 100.0.4896.127 via Jamf Causing Issues

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Hello all,

I pushed the latest chrome update via Jamf to all our macs. It force closes the app once the policy hits and then it doesn't allow you to open Chrome back up. Only a reboot resolves the issue. Any ideas on why this could be happening? Keep in mind we had no issue with the recent zero day vulnerability a couple of weeks ago.


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Pushing 104.0.5112.79 without issues. Where did you get the package or did you package it? Maybe check permissions.

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I've seen a security prompt (chrome asking for admin privs / password) which never gets focus, stuck in the background. It may not be the same issue but saw that user had no persistence in Chrome eg. sign in but never retains login / autofill etc.

A reboot / login brought that dialogue to the foreground / user authenticated, which allowed Chrome to shut the hell up and do it's job. I've switched to pkg in our deployments;




We're having a lot of issues with Chrome being deployed via App Installers. Any updates on fixing that?