Jamf Connect + Notify screen

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Hi all,

I'm currently working on setting up a deployment workflow that will allow us to send new, DEP enrolled computers directly to employees using a customized Jamf Connect 2.0.0 prestage.

I've found that a script + Notify screen is useful for installing applications but doesn't allow customization of the background image, VPN configurations, dock customization, etc. Seemingly because the computer hasn't reached Finder at this point.

We've tried SplashBuddy in the past. We found that after the user left setup assistant and landed in Finder, SplashBuddy would take up to a minute before launching. In many cases it would never appear. I assume DEP Notify would be a similar situation. Setting policy triggers for "Enrollment Complete" seems to have a long delay as well.

What are the limitations of actions that can be taken during the Notify screen? Is there a way to have a user leave the Notify screen process and land in Finder with a fully customized background, computer name, dock (user should be able to edit the dock), and application settings?

Thanks in advance and please let me know if I'm missing anything obvious!


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if you deploy depnotify or Octory as part of the prestage or part of the the build under Jamf connect notify it easy enough to launch a script running in that process that waits for the dock to run, meaning user is logged in, then runs the previously installed depnotify/Octory to cover whatever you want to do with the user account available. you can then stop relying on enrollment complete as you can use custom triggers.

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Thank you for the recommendations. A prestage process waiting for the dock to run sounds like it would speed the process up.

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I ran into issues trying to set the Dock, Background, etc using the Notify screen and ended up using outset.

This allows us to run a privileged one-time script at login, calling any Jamf policies needed to complete the deployment that couldn't be executed with the Notify screen.