Okta Adaptive MFA question

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We're internally testing Okta's Adaptive MFA (passwordless sign ins based on certain conditions) and know that under JC 2.4.3 it wasn't working properly for signing in. I put the AMFA aside because of this for the time being. I upgraded to JC 2.4.5 and had turned on AMFA on my account. It seems it's working? 

Can anyone, 1) confirm pre-2.4.5 there was a known issue that Adaptive MFA logins were not possible, and 2) if this has been fixed in 2.4.5.

It seems to be working, but I want to confirm before I expand my base of users for testing.


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We've got Okta Adaptive MFA but it's not passwordless, it's supposed to prompt for the MFA based on all the factors Okta evaluates but doesn't replace the password. We're using JC 2.4.5 and no one has reported any issues with login but the adaptive part doesn't apply at login. In all honesty, I've not seen much difference between adaptive and non-adaptive MFA with Okta. I feel like I get prompted just as often as I was previously. We're 100% remote since last year. If Okta is prompting for MFA less it's marginally so.