appearing in Applications

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I'm seeing a appearing in Applications on my computers. File content shows something about, which has to do with Defender. Any idea why this file is getting generated?

Screenshot 2023-03-15 at 14.12.49.png


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I can confirm that I've been seeing this as well. It does look to be associated with Defender (as noted by the file). The file doesn't exist on the machine until Defender is installed then it does its first update and this file shows up.

The thing is, we've been using Defender for a long time, this file just started popping up a month or so ago. 

Same here. I thought it was only happening on Ventura machines but I've confirmed its happening on the Monterey machines now as well. 

If you can access the end-point manager tenant console create an MS support case and see what they say. Also from the security portal, you can send MS support requests. Others will want to know what is happening in this case. Anyway, thank you!