Conditional access deprecation and migration to macOS device compliance

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Any businesses using conditional access model here? 

I would like to raise a forum to get some knowledge about practices you use once migrating from legacy Intune integration to new MacOS device Compliance.   

As JAMF have no way to migrate for now and current legacy integration have issues of its own we have now a dilemma:

Should we wait for Jamf Solution to migrate smoothly?  

Or should turn off legacy and integrate new one without migration? If we go this way - all macs will lose office 365 access and will need to re- register every single device.

That will create pretty big service disturbance. Just wonder what practices other companies' approach to deal with this?   





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Thank you for raising this. We have the same question at our business, hence I'm bumping this thread.


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Thanks for sharing,

We are also facing legacy conditional access issues lots. 

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I recommend you (if you are not doing it already) to follow the "jamf-intune-integration" Slack channel here:

I accessed the Slack channel you mentioned, but when I tried to authenticate my email address, I received an error message that said, "It doesn't look like there's an account associated with this email address for MacAdmins." What should I do to join the Slack channel?

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Edit: wrong user used to answer :-)

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Try to join the MacAdmins Slack channel from here:

Thank you! I was able to participate.

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I am in the same boat my entire company uses conditional access for office... Hopefully JAMF will have a solution that will allow for a smooth transition... im scared lol 


Just an update for anyone that might be looking for some answers. Microsoft have pushed out the removal date to mid 2024 and they are working with Jamf to provide a migration option. So there's no need to panic (yet)...

"Jamf will discontinue Conditional Access support in a future release of Jamf Pro (Microsoft's estimated removal has changed. Estimated removal date: mid 2024) due to the migration away from Microsoft's Partner Device Management legacy API. Jamf now offers an alternative solution called macOS Device Compliance using Microsoft's new Partner Compliance Management API. Jamf and Microsoft are collaboratively developing a migration path from the legacy Partner Device Management API to the new Partner Compliance Management API. Once the migration path is available, the legacy Partner Device Management API will remain active for one year, allowing organizations leveraging the legacy API time to migrate to the new API. Jamf recommends that environments currently leveraging the macOS Conditional Access (Partner Device Management API) wait for the migration path to be made available to ensure the smoothest transition to the new macOS Device Compliance (Partner Compliance Management API). In the future, when migration is available, Jamf customers will need to move their workflows to macOS Device Compliance in Jamf Cloud before the deprecation of the Microsoft Partner Device Management API."

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Anything for iOS Compliance once Conditional Access support is retired?