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Hello all,

I have created a configuration profile with the values given below ( but unfortunately nothing happens. But when I distribute the command as policy the login window is reset.


Policy Command (does work) :


Configuration Profile (does not work) : 


I would be happy about some feedback



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Hi @tgd 😊


That needs to be run as a Policy - not a configuration profile. The one-line command is:


/usr/local/bin/authchanger -reset -jamfconnect



An example Policy to re-enable the Connect login window looks like this: 

Example Policy using the Files and Processes payloadExample Policy using the Files and Processes payload

Assuming you wish to re-set the Jamf Connect login window, I then take this a step further - using an Extension Attribute to determine the Mac's login window type (either standard macOS or Jamf Connect):




if [[ $(/usr/local/bin/authchanger -print | grep JamfConnect) ]]; then
    echo "<result>Jamf Connect</result>"
    echo "<result>macOS default</result>"



You can then make a Smart Group of Macs with the 'macOS default' login window, and scope the Policy in the previous paragraph to that Smart Group. So long as your Macs are reporting inventory every day (or at every startup/user login), the problem remediates itself! Always nice when we can make computers to the work for us 😊 

I believe modern versions of Jamf Connect should re-instate the Connect login window automatically after a major macOS update, but I've not had chance to test it yet. In any case, this would automatically remediate the issue.

Hope it helps! Please remember to test prior to deployment in a production environment, but I've been using these just fine for years now so you should be OK.