Cross-Referencing User-Specific Extension Attributes in JAMF's Computer Section

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Is there a way to create an extension attribute in JAMF under the 'Users' section that can also be displayed in the 'Computer' section? Currently, if I create an extension attribute in the 'Computers' section to mark a machine as 'Remote,' it applies only to that specific Mac and not to the user. Is it possible to make this user-specific information visible in the 'Computer' section as well?


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It sounds like you are trying to flag a user as Remote, not a device. That kind of Extension Attribute would only exist in the user Object, not the Computer Object. This kind of data does not cross pollinate between user and computer objects.


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You can create an LDAP extension attribute for a user and or group of users. This is done in AD to a group of users or individual users. Then add that extension attribute, wait for sync to group them, and identify them with a smart group. Once that is done you can manage policy and target. 

I am doing this for our contractors. The attribute can be placed under hardware or user but not both. So myers002 is correct. 

This helps us with targeted policies and exclusions. Hope this helps a little.

Good luck!

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