Dealing With Aftermath of VPP Tokens in Multiple Servers

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We recently resolved a situation where our VPP apps were giving false "No Licenses Available" errors because our token was in more than one location. The good news is that situation is mostly resolved. New devices are working fine, and Required VPP installs are going out like they should.

The problem is that now anything we had previously made Available in Self Service is still affected. As soon as someone tries to install it, it'll fail due to that false No Available Licenses message. We won't know what app on what device is an issue until someone both tries to install it and complains to IT about it.

We can fix an individual app on an individual device by excluding it from the scope, waiting a few minutes, and re-scoping it. This clearly doesn't scale. Jamf support seems to be at a loss on it as well.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who has had to bounce back from this kind of mishap. Anyone have any ideas on how to get these apps back to working order without having to touch ~800 VPP deployments?