Disable TouchID accessibility macro

New Contributor

I work for a school district and we use JAMF Pro to manage our fleet of M1 Macs and iPads. I'm currently using MacOS 13.5.2 on an M1 Mac with a Magic Keyboard. When at the log in page, if you quickly press the Touch ID key three times, an accessibility shortcuts panel appears where you can enable and disable settings. I'm trying to stop this box from appearing and having the options be toggled on or off. Disabling accessibility entirely within JAMF via a configuration profile doesn't stop students from being able to quickly press Touch ID three times to bring up the accessibility shortcuts box. I'm wondering if anyone knows of a work around to stop this from happening?

Unchecking every option under Accessibility  > Shortcuts has no effect and neither does disabling keyboard shortcuts (which were already disabled). 
Any help would be greatly appreciated!