Issue with Prestage M2 computers only setting up management account

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I have a MacBook Pro (16-inch, M2 Max, 2023) and a MacBook Pro (13-inch, M2, 2022) that did not let the user set up their own user in Setup Assistant. They went trough Setup Assistant and it never went to the user screen, and the only account on the computer is the Management Account which is set up to have the randomly-generated password. These computers are Prestaged with Apple Business Manager.

My solution was having them erase the device, I delete the Jamf record, and they reinstall.  

I'm wondering if anyone has any direction, since more M2s will be hitting out Fleet shortly as people upgrade, and I'd like to get to the root of why they are not being prompted to create their user in the Setup Assistant. 



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We've had this happen, but not to M2's (Intel & M1). We are working with Jamf currently to try to find a solution but as of now it's totally random and we cannot narrow down the cause.

Out of interest, are you seeing your default Configuration Profiles being applied over and over again upon enrollment? We are, for example our password policy is applied up to 8 times in quick sucession. Also, sending remote commands still works, even though there is no local account on the Mac (apart from the Management Account which we also have set to a random password so useless to us).

Unfortunately, I did not have a chance to look into that. These two users were needing to get up and working so I just went straight to the erase to solve the problem. I have a test computer en route to me now. I can report on that when I receive it and try to set it up.

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also count me in, my case also it's apple silicon Mac device working with Jamf on this issue. 

Refer below article for some in-depth analysis on the issue. But we are creating a



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Our machines are having some issues as well. They get to the login screen and nothing is happening we can't go and create the account as is intended by the Prestage Enrollment Process. They get to the login screen and this is what we are seeing on the M1s we have made 0 changes to our enrollment process. Cert Issue somewhere?