Jamf App Catalog am i missing something?

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Why is there an option to only scope this to 1 smart group? While every other policy that installs apps lets you scope multiple things.


Or am i missing something? 


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The App Catalog is still pretty new (do they still call it a preview?), and lacks some functionality (e.g. no Self Service option for App Catalog items).  You can however leverage nested groups to get around the limitation you mention.  I set up a new group ("App Catalog Macs") and use the "Computer Group" criteria to add devices from different groups to scope for App Catalog items.

New or not new, some things should be bare minimmal for usability and it snot like this is the first time they build something like this.  Policies and patch management do very similar things and they both have the "correct" way of scoping, why wouldn't they adapt the same mechanism from the start?

yes i did the same with nested groups, but now im adding another smart group per app (potentially group of apps ) 

Jamf keeps adding making it more complex than needed and more groups for me to manage and search through.  Why not stick to the same GUI as the other well tested setups like in Policies/Patch Management?  Im only asking for consistency in the UI, just like having a filter/search box on any page that has multiple items i can select.  (Smart Groups page would be nice, since i need to keep creating more and more of them  lol)