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Is anyone else out there having serious issues with JAMF support right now?

I've had a case open since the 27th (I think anyway, who knows what day it is anymore)

Aside from asking us for log files - Which as a hosted service they should have access to right?

They haven't done anything

The only thing we've heard from them has been in the form of the two "Emergency Maint" messages they sent out on the 30th of June and then last night.

JAMF is one of two vendors I work with where I don't have an account rep's e-mail address and I don't know who my reps boss is (and his/her e-mail address)

The only time we get e-mail from a person with a real e-mail address is when it's time to renew.

I'm curious as to whether the rest of you long term JAMF customers are experiencing the same thing?


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Unfortunately, this is the new normal. It is taking over a week for Jamf
support to reply back and that is usually with level one support.

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Yep, new customer here and I’ve experienced this  poor customer service. 

Tech support have been helpful for me, but not the case for the CSM’s. What’s the deal with those? - From what I’ve experienced it’s a take your money and run approach. It’s as if Jamf don’t care.

I’ve heard from lots of long term Jamf customers that say “Jamf have totally lost it. - they are not the Jamf of old”.

As we know, competition is a healthy thing. 


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Same here. Not what it was when I came onboard two years ago. It has been impossible to reach support.