macOS Security updates, what's the best way?

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What's the best way to push out macOS Security updates to the macs via Jamf? I'm trying to configure so all the macs in my org can get the security patches as they're released from Apple.


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Maybe control this with a config profile from Jamf. If you're just wanting to turn on and gray out "Install Security Responses and system files," try this:


Screenshot 2023-02-21 at 2.01.46 PM.png


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To add to what @obi-k said, Rapid Security Response can only install a x.y.1 update if x.y is already installed. For example to install 13.2.1 with Rapid Security Response, 13.2 already needs to be installed. This adds a lot of complication as many organizations differ OS updates, and the X.Y.1 release may come out before X.Y has come out of deferral so Rapid Security Response cant install the X.Y.1 security patch as X.Y is not installed yet.


Rapid Security Responses on Apple devices - Apple Support