"Computer is enrolled using PreStage" notification not working

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hi there,


I enabled the notification for my account which has my email. I enrolled a laptop twice and it went through prestage imaging/ enrolling. However it's been more than an hour since it enrolled and still no email. Wondering if anyone has thoughts? 


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have this option on.. and never seen an email.. at a guess... its a PI ?  worked around it with smart group email. 

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Did you configure the SMTP setting in your Jamf Pro? Without it, you won't be receiving email notifications. You can follow this guide.


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Based on reading the admin guide, I think "Computer is enrolled using PreStage" is supposed to be something like " computer fails to enroll", per https://learn.jamf.com/bundle/jamf-pro-documentation-10.44.0/page/Email_Notifications.html

Not that I've ever seen an email for this or for failure to enrol, for that I have scripts and packages that tell me that, but never Jamf itself telling me one way or the other that an enrolment failed or succeeded.