Setting up BYOD mobile devices in Jamf


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I am trying to setup BYOD for mobile devices, we only need to push a password requirement to these phones. i have user enrollment enabled but I have a question regarding managed apple id's. Will the users need to have a managed apple id in order to enroll their personal phones? Preferably wed like it to not be required as we dont think every user has a managed apple id Also how can i capture which user is tied to the phone once they are enrolled. I am following this guide here


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The document you are referencing is fairly old, but the part about needing to use a Managed AppleID is current as far as I am aware.

User-Initiated Enrollment Settings - Jamf Pro Documentation 10.50.0 | Jamf


As far as figuring out device assignment. The managed AppleID should be the same as the users Email Address, and will pull in to the device inventory record on enrollment.

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As @AJPinto answered, adding additional reference page to read about: