setting up jamfpro to push out applications to install for pre-deplyment setup

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I setup Macs for deployment, all are less than a year old and rerunning macOS 14.x+. Main profiles are pushed out by our main IT dept but the office I work in has its own instance and I need to then set profiles to push out Apps to further setup the default device... like FireFox, Chrome, Adobe Reader DC, Edge, Teams, etc. I attempted to add a package to use (Adobe Reader DC(.pkg)) and I am getting an error that is very general. "Upload failed: undefined" - I have limited access to JAMFPRO so I am not sure if it has to do with that or I am just missing something?


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if that is all you have to do  checkout installomator . lastes version everyhtime, set it and for the most part forget it. then you come back with patchomator or app-auto-patch.

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I'm assuming you guys are using JAMF, and you have access to a specific site rather than the entire instance. If not, please correct me.


Adobe products are an absolute beast. Save those until you are more comfortable with what you are doing. Microsoft Packages are pretty simple. Try getting your MS apps from, and uploading the package directly in to JAMF. Then deploy with a policy and see if you still have issues. If you are still getting errors uploading the packages, reach out to your JAMF Admin and have your access level checked.