Two Questions - Users and Asset Information

New Contributor

1. How do users function?

     Are the Users in the Users menu on the left hand side of the screen only users created in the Users and Groups menu in Setup, or can these users be created elsewhere or imported from Azure? We are connected to Azure and I can see all of my Groups and Users when I try to create a new "User" in the same menu and assign rights to it, but is there no general user that is searchable for scoping purposes or does everyone need to have some sort of access/non-access to Jamf Pro?

     Ideally, I'd like to be able to link directly to all of my users in Azure for singular scoping if needed but I don't think this is possible and my current users menu from the left side of the screen is empty. I don't know where it populates from.

2. How can I use Jamf to collect username, full name, and other asset information like location or department, or do I have to do this all by hand?