2 MDM Servers, DEP question



Jamf Pro for Macs is currently up and running with dep

decision was made to use air watch for all mobile devices.
so now I have 2 mdm servers in dep

Question: Jamf Pro is currently turned on for auto enrolment

but we don't want iPhones to be auto enrolled here, we want them to be auto enrolled in air watch.

I believe the only solution is to turn off auto-enrollment, and simply ensure the serials are added to the correct mdm server.

can anyone confirm this, or is there a better way

our iPhones could be purchased through a number of different admins in the company, so no guarantee to get the serials, unless we set up something with our carrier to ensure we get an email for any new phone being ordered.. then we can manually add the serial in.



Well you dont have to turn auto enroll off exactly. You will have to ensure though when you receive the new DEP device emails for newly purchased iPhone , you go into the DEP console and assign them to the airwatch server. Or depending on how frequent you order iPhones versus Macs , you can switch the auto enroll to airwatch if that makes more sense.

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You'll have to keep auto-enrollment off. I would not recommend switching it back and forth as you make purchase because there are always rogue/older device being wiped and you don't want to send them to he wrong place.

Instead of serial search, try order search (or start with All Available and look for the highest number