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Standardizing Adobe App Management
This will be more of a b.... gripe session of having to deal with Adobe's annual reinvention of deployment of their apps, than a solicitation for help, but here it goes.

It seems with each version of an Adobe Family of products, the enterprise management become a different and confusing process, and some form of incompatibility with the previous versions. Jamf's attempt to manage it with Casper/JamfPro is like catching a greased pig. What ends up in Jamf Nation is a plethora of frustrated admins attempting to find a common way to manage the Adobe beast, and the only successful ones that end up inventing their own process by patching together a recipe of ideas and scripts from wherever they can get them.

I am baffled by Adobes' current trend to force all users to create and use an Adobe account based on a users email address for enterprise software use. We bought the bus, but now must "assign seats?" Why should we have to report to Adobe, who is using the software we purchased for enterprise use?

We purchased and have used Adobe Acrobat XI Pro, but if we engage the Adobe Creative Cloud app (the app we're now forced to use w/ individual email addresses, but requires admin rights to make any changes), it "eats" our Acrobat XI Pro license, and subsequently asks for the Adobe account login. The fix it to reinstall Acrobat XI to fix the issue. This is now a moot point w/ the dropping of XI support by Adobe. But now we're faced with which Acrobat to use....DC, DC Pro, 2107??? Each with their particular set of licensing issues, and problems...just to get the app to function.

Why can't we just have self contained apps and the ability to update each as needed as opposed to tying everyone to their Adobe account on enterprise owned software. And get rid of the single point of "hosing everything," the Adobe Creative Cloud app. We do not use Adobe Cloud, and do not want to. Is it now time to find a better solution than Adobe, whose management is not an annual nightmare?


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It can be a little easier if you have an enterprise or education license, this means that logins are not required for each drive and users. We do not even install the Creative Cloud desktop app.

Luckily with that we can install different versions that we choose, like Photoshop 2015 and InDesign 2017.

Adobe is fun. Would be better is their Creative Cloud Packager actually made flat packages.

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I don't know about enterprise licensing, but named-user installations under education team licensing can be deployed with either a managed package or a self-service package. The "Adobe Creative Cloud app (the app we're now forced to use w/ individual email addresses, but requires admin rights to make any changes)" sounds like a managed package. A self-service package is the option to "allow users without admin privileges to self install and manage their applications using the CC desktop app."