Adobe CC Shared Lab Log-out issues


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Creative Cloud login is meant to linger, so the user doesn’t have to continually log in. Logging out of the OS user account does not log you out of the Creative Cloud. However, CC login is local to the user account. So, if user logs into a different user account they should not see the other use CC login.

Is this a shared device such as in a lab or classroom? If so, are you working with Shared Device Licensing? If this is the case, the login does linger, but it is limited to 90 minutes before it verifies the user is still operating the computer. This is to help prevent issues of overlap between users but it is not a perfect system as 90 minutes is too long for some and not long enough for others.

To full prevent overlap, the users should log themselves out after they are done with their session. Potentially, you could script something into the OS logout that will remove the “cookie” files which store the CC credentials. This document talks about how we store user credentials:


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Still testing this but this seemed to work on my test mac today to log the user out of Adobe Creative Cloud on logout:

security delete-generic-password -l "Adobe User Info" /Users/$3/Library/Keychains/login.keychain-db

security delete-generic-password -l "Adobe User OS Info" /Users/$3/Library/Keychains/login.keychain-db

Once it deletes it from the Keychain the machine must be logged off or rebooted that's why I set it on logout.

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Considering implementing this for a specific task.

Should Adobe CC users be able to see their 'Adobe User Info' and 'Adobe User OS Info' password objects in the Keychain GUI?

I'm testing now, and I'm logged into my Adobe CC Enterprise User Named License (a Shared Device License) and I don't see any password 'cookies' stored here. I can't find them via the /usr/bin/security cli tool either:

me@TestMac ~ % security  find-generic-password "Adobe User Info"
security: SecKeychainSearchCopyNext: The specified item could not be found in the keychain.
me@TestMac ~ % security  find-generic-password "Adobe OS Info" 
security: SecKeychainSearchCopyNext: The specified item could not be found in the keychain.

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What's funny is I came here looking for this answer, because my old script stopped working. But as I was copying and pasting the solution, I noticed it was exactly the same except that I didn't have the "-db" at the end of each command. That must be something that changed between Mojave and Catalina because I know the script I had worked before.
Thanks for posting this!

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Adding my gratitude as well!  Works great in Big Sur 11.5.2!  👍

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So, I'm back again. I don't know if Adobe changed their authentication method or what, but it seems like the script I was using last year is no longer working. Has anyone else noticed their scripts failing?

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I was mistaken.

The script still works, it's just now that Jamf (and Apple) no longer use Logout Hooks, I have to force all Adobe products to shut down before running the script. This was handled by the Logout process before, but now has to be added to the "Force Logout" script.


is anyone using different Script. this is what I have been using.



# AdobeForceLogout v07162019
# Define the target user.

# Look for the SLCache folder.
if [ -d "/Library/Application Support/Adobe/SLCache" ]; then
echo "Deleting SLCache & SLStore folders."
# Deletes SLCache & SLStore and SLStore_v1
rm -Rf /Library/Application\ Support/Adobe/SL*
echo "SLCache not found."