Anyone else having network issues with Catalina at Setup Assistant?


As title states, I've had a handful of new Macs as well as a freshly created VM both refuse to connect to the Internet (and hence fail to grab their automated enrollment profiles), despite having valid IPs and DNS settings.

I am somewhat sure that this is some internal network issue, as I can ping/traceroute our own sites on our domain, but anything outside of that just times out. Even if I change DNS to something public (OpenDNS, Google's DNS, etc), I still can't actually reach any address.

Given that this has occurred in about half of a recent shipment of iMacs as well as this VM (which are on two totally different parts of the network, my office subnet is actually public if you could believe it), and that I've only seen this recently in Catalina, I'm curious if anyone else has seen this behavior.

Of course, once someone walks through Setup Assistant, the Internet starts working perfectly fine, and enrollment works with the profiles command.