Application Install policies not installing from Self Service... But they worked before

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Hi everyone-

I'm running into an issue recently, where we just upgraded from 9.91 to 9.96. One of the things that I have found, aside from the "reveal in Finder" not working in Admin PI-002981, is that the packages that I had captured and uploaded to Admin, some of them are not working anymore.

They are very simple in workflow, I move the untouched PKG into a folder on the root of the hard drive, I then send the folder up to Composer, and add a Pre-Install script which is a basic call which would look like: installer -pkg <nameofpackage.pkg> -target / in this example, I was testing with Lync and Skype For Business.

In the past, those worked like a charm, but now it is not working at all. I can see the progress bar, it completes, but the file is not present in the Applications folder. The real interesting thing is that I have tested with a few of my Self Service jobs (Firefox, Atom, Chrome), and those policies are working, others are not.

Hopefully someone can shed some light onto my dilemma.


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What do the logs say?

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The logs from the JSS all say "Successfully installed", as do the logs from /var/log :(

Just re-ran one of my pkg+Script installers, and even though it says it finished, no program was installed.

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I had exactly the same issue. I figured out that the issue was that I had a PKG inside a DMG.
As soon as I added the PKG directly to the JSS the package installed successfully.
Not sure if this is expected.