Apps missing from Self Service and not auto installing with manual enroll

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At our office we have a large Mac user base and the age of our machines range from brand new to about 2 years old. We started utilizing DEP about a year ago so any Macs we purchased after that auto enroll and upon initial setup our profiles install, and our required applications auto install.

For older machines that do not self enroll we are having an issue with the manual enrollment. After setting up the machine and enrolling through our Jamf server it seems that only half of what we need on the machines gets pushed through.

The profiles install, self service installs. However, self service is missing many of the applications that are typically present with DEP machines. Particularly MS Office. Likewise, if possible I would like to configure Jamf so that these manually enrolled machines go through the same auto configuration as our DEP machines, with apps auto installing, system auto rebooting and enabling filevault. As of now, when first manually restarted it does prompt to enable filevault, however it does not send the encryption key to Jamf, it shows on screen and we need to manually store it somewhere.

I know that is a long list, but any help or suggestions would be great. Thank you!


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Double check the criteria of your smart groups, maybe they are only looking at DEP enrolled Macs.