Ascertain JSS Database Name

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Hello JAMFNation,

Apologies for the noobish request:

We are in the process of setting up a DMZ server in our environment. In following the procedure listed here:, I just had a quick question as it relates to what the “databaseName” might be in the following example or where I might be able to find it:

On the internal MySQL server, grant the DMZ webapp access to the database. Example:
GRANT ALL ON databaseName
. TO ‘username’@dmz.server.ip.address IDENTIFIED BY ‘password’;


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Disregard - problem solved. Thanks!

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Unless you named it something specific at the time it was set up, it's likely just named "jamfsoftware" That's the default name.
Outside of this, you should be able to see if that's the db name by going into MySQL command line and doing:

use jamfsoftware;

If that works, and you can see data by listing tables or whatever, then that's the name of the database. If that doesn't work or it complains it couldn't find that database to use, then it's named something else, but I think to find it you might need to look in something like the server.xml file on the JSS or maybe the database.xml.

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For the benefit of others who find themselves in charge of an undocumented JSS instance:

If you have the ability to make direct MySQL queries against the MySQL instance, run the command SHOW DATABASES; . If not, connect to the existing JSS and look at the JSS instance database configuration file.

On macOS:

On Windows:
C:Program FilesApache Software FoundationTomcat #.#webappsRootOrInstanceNameWEB-INFxmlDataBase.xml

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In the JSS web GUI go to --> JSS Summary --> Unselect all except at the bottom for Database (select all) and then Create. The database name should be under the section with MySQL. example:

Database Type MySQL
Database Driver .................... org.mariadb.jdbc.Driver
Database Server
Database Port ...................... 8406
Database Name jamfsoftware