ASM Importing users again/Deleting Users

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We use Infinite Campus as our SIS which is now supported (awesome, great!), however when I initially imported the students from the SIS the naming convention for managed Apple ID's was first name, last name @
Does anyone know if it is possible to change them after they have been imported, and not one by one? I have tried disconnecting the SIS and then setting all users as "inactive" and then re-importing them. On the preview page it appears as if all users will import how I desire but when the process is complete is looks more like it simply re-activiated the previously inactive accounts.

I need it to be switch so that when it imports into the JSS there is something that it matches. First name, last name matches nothing in our current setup.


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@jouwstrab there was some changes around this in 9.96 I think.

Might be worth a look at the release notes.

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@jouwstrab It's not entirely clear which data needs to be changed (within Apple School Manager vs within the JSS) but there are a few of pieces of information that may help as you explore possible solutions.

First, there is a recently-added Mass Action to delete that selection of users from your JSS. You could use this to clear out users from your JSS if the first import went poorly.

You can also look into the JSS MUT and attempt some mass actions to modify a batch of users but it may be easier to re-import fresh users with proper information from Apple School Manager.

Lastly, Apple School Manager doesn't provide status information about users (active vs inactive) so an inactive user within Apple School Manager will appear to the JSS in the same way that an active user will appear.