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We have a lab of iMacs that are bind to AD(Active Directory) and the students access the iMacs wit their AD credentials, I have a configuration profile created with the login window payload configure to log out users after 30 min idle and the log in option is set to display username and password. If the students do not log out the computer the next users who what the computer has to hard reset the device. The iMacs are running MacOS Mojave 10.14.3

Any one have ideas


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applescript to the rescue! - play with it a little to force out / close all apps might need to add some

"do shell scripts" etc

tell application "System Events"

    log out

end tell
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I think I am experiencing a similar situation. I have my first computer setup with OS 10.14.3. When the user uses the power switch and performs a cold start everything works fine, the login window appears and the user is presented with their username and password. However, if the user logs out of the machine mid day the login window is locked at the circular profile picture screen and clicking on the profile picture does not present the user name and password prompt.

Now from the frozen login windows screen if the user clicks restart the computer restarts and the login window appears with the circular profile picture screen and the user name and password option is displayed.

The problem only appears to surface when the user logs out.

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you could also run this


sudo pkill loginwindow
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We have worked around this by running:

shutdown -r now

via "File and Processes" set to run at logout. This restarts the computer and cleans it up ready for the next user, we also hide the "Shutdown" menu item, leaving only "Logout" and "Restart" available to lab users.