Automatic App Deployment On Jamf Pro

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Hello All,
I am new to using the Jamf Pro platform for our organization. We are attempting to figure out the best way to get and deploy specific apps onto deployed MacBooks in our fleet and for future machines that we will purchase. At this point, I have discovered the Mac App Store section where I can curate apps to be made available for my organization. With these apps I can make available through SelfService or have them pushed automatically and immediately to deployed machines. What about non Mac App Store apps? I have figured out how to package up non app store apps and upload those to Jamf Pro. How Do I make or push an individual policy containing a non mac store app to my fleet of computer just like you can with mac app store apps? Any insight and information on this would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!


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Once you uploaded the pkg you created for the given app, you need to go to Computers > Policies, create a new policy and setup the Package payload. Select your uploaded package and specify distribution point if needed. Once done scope the policy to the devices you want, could be all, based on a Smart Group or a Stayic Group etc.... save and that’s all. The app will deploy on the given devices at next check in.
I recommend you look into the Jamf 100 course, it’s free and online and will help you with the basics with Jamf Pro.
Have fun testing!

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If you want it to install automatically though, you need to set the trigger to “Recurring” and set the number of times to run to “Once per computer” only after you set those two things will the application/package install automatically.