Automatically populate Apple ID's to devices whith DEP Enrollment

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Hello everyone,

We're having a bit of a headache trying to figure out the best way to do things.

Basically we're going to deploy iPad's with DEP and VPP. The only problem is we are going to use Itunes U and that needs an Apple ID configured on the device.
We use Apple School Manager and we created the managed Apple ID's, but it doesnt seem that there is a way to push the password of each Apple ID with JAMF or DEP...

We'd like to avoid having to connect each device ( + 500 ) with an Apple ID when deployment comes.

Without that one application, we would just have to connect them to Wi-fi when first booting and then DEP takes control.

Do we absolutely HAVE to type in each Apple ID password on each device when enrolling, even with DEP ?

Thanks for the help !


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To my knowledge there is no way to sign into iTunes U without putting fingers to glass. DEP will only assist you with setup and enrollment.

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That's unfortunate. We'll be using MUT to mass change the devices names because DEP can't really assign a device name in accordance to a serial number also, so we'll definitely have to man the iPads.

Well, we'll get ready !

Thanks for your answer