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Oooh, badges!  (Come on, somebody had to set up the inevitable follow-up.)


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Also... fine... I'll give it to you @thebrucecarter 

We [do] need some stinking badges!


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I think you deserve a badge for just managing to find the jamf pro section and logging in. Not liking this new look compared to the old site

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So far, not a fan. They seem to have gone the cutesy direction instead of the "this is where I find important information without a bunch of fluff in the way" direction.


Also, I immediately got 14 emails upon just logging into JamfNation.

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The new look hasn't grown on me yet, but I also said that the last time it was revamped. Of course, this is a bigger rework of Jamf Nation than any one I've seen since its inception. I guess what I'm finding hard to adjust to is that there is no longer a distinct "Discussions" section. The focus is now on what product you need to discuss something about, so right now we are in "Jamf Nation Community > Products > Jamf Pro" instead of what we had before which was "Jamf Nation > Discussions"

It'll be fine in the end, but there's a lot of lost muscle memory happening right now. Or maybe I'm just becoming an old fart. Haha.

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Ironically, it does sort of take the "Community" aspect out of it, right?

@mm2270 wrote:

"Jamf Nation Community > Products > Jamf Pro" 

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Yeah, just a bit of shock, and being older isn't helpful when sites you've used for years change drastically overnight.  Not a complaint - yet.  Will give time to see how the old brain adapts...although at first glance, I don't see the threads I marked with a "+" in my immediate visuals

Like the positivity and related experience. I agree all will be ok after the adjustment period.

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Also... fine... I'll give it to you @thebrucecarter 

We [do] need some stinking badges!


  • Yep NOT a fan either! I am lost on what I am looking for.  I have not been able to find "My Assets" yet.  I came here this morning to specifically see what Software has been updated since yesterday.... HMM. NO GO 

I believe you need to log directly into, and after authenticating it should be on the landing screen in the upper left quadrant.


Did we loose the filters for month, year,  . . .  or am I just not finding them?

Found them by clicking on the Magnifing glass icon

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This change is horrible

hard not to agree.

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I learned about badges when I logged in this morning and got like 30 emails. Ya, still needs some work lol.