BOM dialog


I have clicked "Create BOMs" about 20 time but they don't seem to be created. What am I doing wrong?


Contributor III
Contributor III

This is likely due to permissions within a non-flat pkg. Essentially the Casper Read/Write account not having permissions to scan the contents to create the bill of materials. It also means that the distribution point hasn't been migrated so to zip up non-flat pkgs.

I have seen this happen back in the 8 series a lot with 3rd party mpkgs such as adobe and office when stored on a non-OSX distribution point and the permissions of the contents of the package got changed.

Since it could mis-configure package contents dont do a recursive permission change, just try changing all packages in that directory to be owned by the read/write account and see if that resolves it.

Or click the migrate button in the top right of Casper Admin. Mind you that will take all your non-flat pkgs and zip them and move your scripts into the database. This could take a while depending on the contents of the distribution point.