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Anyone know of a way to edit the check-in frequency on an individual computer? I have a stolen computer that is checking in, and I want to increase the frequency to every minute to give myself some more "real time" control. This will allow me to schedule scripts to run every minute, instead of waiting for the every 15 minute check in for that computer.


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sudo defaults write /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.jamfsoftware.task.1 StartInterval 60

wouild be my guess

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Mr. Colley, increasing the checking frequency to that degree may cause other issues especially if the check-in takes more than 1 minute to complete an assessment. That may force the thief to erase the system and losing it forever.

If the machine is a Mac then you may be able to use a remote log-in to manually enable the Apple Cloud location service.

In either case, if you can remotely access the machine via shell or remote API's then you can manipulate the system, gather ip address information (to relay to law enforcement), install key logging software, etc.

When it comes to sending the IP address information to law enforcement, you will need a detective on your side that is readily available. Once you have an updated IP address, the detective needs to get warrant in order to get the originator's contact information from the ISP. If the machine has moved across state lines then it becomes a federal matter and the FBI is a little more quick to handle these types of situations (based on my experience working with the FBI on extortion and child pornography cases).

Please be mindful of the local laws regarding key logging software. If you would like more direct information, please contact me directly.