Clarification on "Available Software Updates" logic


I'm curious about precisely how the management framework checks for and reports on available Apple Software updates. I realize implementation strategies have been covered here before but I can't seem to find specifics on what method is used to gather data on update availability.

I'd like to globally disable the system-level update schedule and subsequent notifications (and know how to do so), but would like each client to continue reporting to Casper on the availability of updates. I have a Self Service policy to allow users to install all needed software updates and that policy is scoped to a Smart Group with >0 available updates.

Does the framework manually run ```
softwareupdate --list
``` periodically to gather the available updates, or must the system-level schedule be active for Casper to report correctly?

Will turning off the schedule prevent the framework from ever reporting on available updates?

My users are experiencing frustration that the OS prompts them to update but they can't follow through as non-admin. I'd like to disable the notifications and push them more toward Self Service.



I think you'll be fine turning them off. I'm running "softwareupdate --schedule off" to turn of the automatic system updates, and Casper still reports back on the number of available updates.

Also, How did you scope a smart group to >0 available updates? I'm trying to do the same thing, but I'm finding my only choice is to chose by the title of the update, rather than the number available.